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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Significant Memories of 2007.

The good and the bad:

January 2007:
-I finally reached 2007 and my daily countdown began to graduation.

February 2007:
-Superbowl XLI, February 4, the Colts defeated the Bears 29-17.

March 2007:
-On March 29, Grandmom turned 78.

April 2007:
-I went to Ecuador on a missions trip for 10 days with my Senior class. There I learned lessons that have had huge impact on my life; also, I developed close friendships with Carlos and Abuelo, and especially with Geovani and Christine who I continue to talk weekly with.
-The day after I returned from Ecuador, I went to the Southwood prom with Evan, and the following weekend we went to Lakeview’s prom.

May 2007:
-May 26th I graduated from high school.

June 2007:
-On June 1st, Eldine Landis was killed in a motor accident.
-I attended my last teen camp as an eligible camper. The same week, I made a new best friend.

July 2007:
-In July, two very good friends adopted four rambunctious, yet beautiful children.
-I was a counselor at Junior Bible Camp for my third summer.

August 2007:
-I went to Baraboo Wisconsin to help some friends at their small dying church. I painted a wall that is now world famous, went to the Noah’s Ark (the world’s largest water park) and hiked some pretty amazing trails.
-Family Camp - always good times.

September 2007:
-Labor Day weekend I moved to IWU and began my first year as a college student.
-Evan & I broke up.
-Days later I turned 19.

October 2007:
-Over fall break I began volunteering at Francis Slocum elementary school. I did the required community service, but continued going because each of the children took a piece of my heart.
-I began watching Lost - the #1 drama of the 21st century.
-Halloween was Ryan’s 1-year death anniversary.

November 2007:
-I applied to World Impact and was accepted as a member of a team of seven girls who will be traveling to Cambodia on a mission trip in May of ‘08. This will be an entirely new experience in every aspect. Also, I will be ministering alongside Tim and Tiffany, two of my sweet friends who moved to Cambodia a year and half ago.
-I began a sponsorship of Turatsinze Emmanuel, a nine-year-old boy in Rwanda.
-My sister told us she is pregnant.

December 2007:
-After Christmas I went to Orlando for an international Wesleyan youth convention.
-While traveling across two time zones, I celebrated the turn of the 07/08 new year twice.