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Thursday, April 30, 2009


You know I'm a twin, but did you know that my roommate is a twin, AND has older sisters that are twins?

Traci (my roommate) and Staci

AND one of Jessie's (my twin sister) roommates also has a twin sister.

Laura (my twin's roomate) and Jennie

AND Jessie's roommate's old roommate (who was one of my besties freshman year) is also a twin!

BFF Erica and Lisa

Jessie also dated a twin at one time

Will and Phil

Of course, Jessie and I


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Difficult Goodbye

If you read the text at the bottom of the above picture you will notice Jessie's departure date is April 28th - today!  My sister left for the Philippines this morning and I won't see her until I return June 13, then two days later she will be at camp for two weeks.  I told that I'm going to visit her every single day at camp, but she said that isn't allowed.  I told her that will make an exception when they see my sad face!  It's hard to be separated. =(

Prepare yourself for the cutest story you will ever read....
\When Jessie and I were born and they separated us in the nursery, evidently one (or both) of us was crying enough that the nurses decided to put us together and see what would happen.  Well, the baby stopped crying and one of us (I won't tell you which cause she isn't here to defend herself) started sucking on the other girl's nose!  Adorable, right? 

Please pray for Jessie while she is in the Philippines.  Pray for their health, and for their safety as they travel through the islands.  They will be doing a variety of ministry - pray that the Holy Spirit works in them and through them to accomplish great things for His Kingdom.

THIS is a link to a blog where you can read about our missions trips.  It is a community blog for World Impact, the missions organization at Indiana Wesleyan Univeristy, so throughout May and June, there will be teams updating from Peru, Togo, Spain, Thailand, Mozambique, Honduras, Zambia, Cambodia, the Philippines... (at least they're supposed to!)

Monday, April 27, 2009

In the mood of re-runs... Khmer wedding cake

I am reading through my Cambodia journal from last May and I am loving the memories!  I kept a wonderful journal full of details, with all the emotions. I  had forgotten so many things!

I absolutely laughed out loud when I read this: "[It] was a snot-looking goo wrapped in a large leaf with a blob of yellow rice blog in the middle.  It looked terrible, but tasted surprisingly well."

haha! -- Love that detail!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eldine Landis - A Sunday Rerun

"Sunday Favorites" is a new Sunday meme designed by Chari to give bloggers a chance to share a favorite post from the past!

This old post is a re-run from June 1, 2007::

Thursday was the 7 month anniversary of Ryan's death. As expected, it was a difficult day. No one ever anticipates losing a friend; you just always assume they will be there.

Eldine D. Landis. He was the man I always thought would be around. He was like a rock, conquered by nothing and defeated in the end only by tragic accident. But God took a man who was ready to go. He is smiling big now. I loved his smile, his unmistakable laugh. Eldine meant alot to many people, he meant alot to the Lord, and the Lord meant alot to him. I never told him how much he meant to me (you think I would have learned by now), but he always told me how special I was, how proud he is of me. "Jesus loves ya Jewel, I love ya. Stay strong." Now he is watching over me, and I hope that I can still make him proud. I want to be strong for him. He was like my Grandpa. I will miss those big strong arms that would always reach so perfectly around me. It is still hard to believe. We shared a pew every Sunday. When I go to church and he isn't there, and it's just me and Jessie.. then it will be reality.

Although my loved ones will depart, my Lord will always be beside me and for that I praise His name. My God is amazing. He is miraculous. He is awe-inspiring. He is tremendous. My God is indeed great. I have found Him to be my rock and shelter. In Him I find strength, joy, peace. He is always there. He is faithful. My God is my everthing.

Psalm 121 ~ I lift my eyes up to the hills - where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of Heaven and Earth.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The countdown & the team...

Well here we are! Getting ready to leave for Cambodia in 6 days and 7 hours! I can hardly believe it! 
1) I can hardly believe that we're leaving so soon!
2) I can hardly believe I'll be BACK in Cambodia in a week!  I have been to Mexico, Honduras, the DR, and Ecuador but I've never had the opportunity to return anywhere for a 2nd visit, so I'm SO EXCITED to see the familiar faces and sights, and make new memories where I already made so many great ones!
3) I can hardly believe that my team is so awesome!  Really, I'm blessed to have them!  I can't wait to travel and minister with them!
4) I can hardly believe how faithful God has been to us!
5) I can hardly believe how many things are still left to be done!  I have yet to write my devotionals or chapel messages down on paper.  I still have English grammar lessons to design and an entire "curriculum" for "teaching computer."  I use "" there because I'm not quite sure what I will be teaching on the computer.. so I'm not quite sure how to prepare (which is why I haven't!)  Also, I still have an entire suitcase to pack.  While I expect my team to be ready.. I'm not quite there!
I wanted to post a picture of each member on my team so that when I share I share stories with you, you will know to whom I am referring. =) 

This is me. =)  I have a pretty big crush on the guy I cut out of this picture from 2 summers ago... unfortunately for you, I cut him out!  Anyways.. I'm leading this wonderful team of 6 ladies for 3 weeks, then on April 23rd they leave and I will remain there in ministry for 3 more weeks.

This is Zoey. She is pretty cool! =)

This is Loren, but we call her Babooka. She's pretty special. =)

This is Angela. She is great!

This is Ashton.  She will do wonderful things. =)

This is Aimee.  I like her alot. =)

This is Hannah.  I'm so glad she's on my team! =)

Friday, April 24, 2009

If you're interested in fun and easy photo-editing, or you're on summer vacation and have nothing to do....... check out These are a few of the pictures I have made with picnik in the last few weeks..

This is a cute little boy in Kratie, Cambodia.  We had so much fun playing together and he has the most adorable little laugh!  I can't wait to see him again soon!

This is Ben in his Manning jersey at "Support Your Home Team Sunday"

This is my roommate and I in our 1st ever picture together.. taken only 3 days ago!

This is an older picture of me sitting at the desk in my dorm room that I don't miss at all!

These are 2 little kids that I babysit and love to pieces!!

Dad and I at Chik-Fil-A on Valentines Day.  The restaurant and tables were decorated, they gave us flowers and free dessert, and workers in black suits sat us down and took our trash!

My brother-in-law, Jeff.

Daniel & Nathan are the two little boys I nannied for in Kansas this summer.  Their parents are missionaries in Ecuador.

Jayden is Gerson and Betsy's son a few months ago

Jael and her sister Kiara were the two little girls I nannied for in Kansas this summer.  Their parents were the pastors at the church where I ministered in Ecuador.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Final exams...

While these were both taken earlier today....

This represents NOW... (studying for finals)

and this represents Wednesday evening around 5 (after finals and after moving out!)

I can't believe another year has already gone by!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Visiting bebe Jayden!

Last Thursday Jessie and I went to Gerson and Betsy's house to meet Jayden (and Gerson too!) I've been praying for this little boy for a very long time and he has been growing strong! He is about 5.5 months old now, and has only been out of the hospital for 3 weeks, and weighs just more than 9 pounds. He looks like a young little baby, but he is very alert and active! His fists and legs are very strong, and his eyes are big and beautiful!

I'm finishing exams now, and preparing for Cambodia TWELVE days, but I look forward to spending lots of time with Jayden this summer. =)

Jayden, born November 11

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today is a beautiful day!

TODAY IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY! There is a big annual event on campus today called "Spotted Cow." They brought in 10 well-known local bands to play from 11:30A to 11:30P. There are sand volleyball tournaments, henna tattoos, chik-fil-a, cornhole tournaments, prize drawings, Guitar Hero contests, inflatables, booths, a mechanical bull... anything to avoid college students from studying for exams (which are Mon, Tues, & Wed.)   It's a pretty awesome time!  I wasn't out for too long, but I will admit that while I haven't gotten much STUDYING done, I have gotten alot of other things done.  However, I am going to start now. =)
PS: I leave for Cambodia TWO WEEKS from today!  I already have nervous butterflies in my stomach!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm posting this picture because officially starting NOW I am preparing for exam week, which means I'm at my desk alot.  Exams are next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then Summer!!!  (Summer BREAK at least, maybe not the actual season!  HA!)
Three things you should notice in this picture:
1) Florida in a vase!  Thanks to Keetha for bringing the beach to my dorm room!
2) Two pictures from Cambodia - notice the countdown to the right!  I look at these pictures everyday and I am reminded to pray for the students, pastors, and the Church in Cambodia.
3) A pile (literally-- a pile!) of notes for reminders, which reminds me....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love List ♥

77 things I'm thankful for::
Dad's cancer-free biopsy
Overcoming seasonal depression on the warm and sunny days!
15 years of formal Christian education
The upcoming opportunity to return to Cambodia
An incredible team of six girls that are going with me to  Cambodia
A memory that serves to laugh, encourage, and inspire.
The opportunity I had to meet my goddaughter Kiara Sofia this summer in Kansas
The 7th day of creation (and a few of the others too!)
A strong sense of accomplishment
The friendly strangers that make a bad day just a little better
My brother-in-law treats me like a sister, not just his wife's sister
God's timing
My redeemer lives!
Memories of Ryan Dean before his death my senior year
My mom supports my call to missions
David and Michele Henry
Jokes that are not even funny, but make you laugh
Free tuition at IWU
My previous missions experiences in Mexico, Honduras, the DR, Cambodia, and Ecuador
A mom and dad that truly love me
The ability to travel by airplane
A queen sized bed
Family traditions during the holidays
Rest on the weekends
My health
The little blessings
God's Word
The feeling of unity on an athletic team
My twin sister and my older sister
A strong sense of accomplishment after writing a big paper, or finishing a long test
The morning news
my Grandma's long life and every moment I get to spend with her
A washer and dryer
The good people that do good things
God's calling on my life
Reed family reunions on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve
God's abounding love
God's forgiveness
Technology that allows me to talk with friends miles and miles away
Missionaries like Tim and Tiffany who surrender their lives to serve God
The testimonies of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, and the other men who were martyred in Ecuador
God's providence in opening the door to Honduras 4 years ago
Being healed of acute cerebella ataxia
Church softball in the summertime
Blue skies
Waking up and realizing you still have time to sleep
The cross and the empty tomb
The soldiers serving our country on foreign land and at home
Good movies
The teacher who taught me how to read
The Vinluan family
Kids that know the Pledge of Allegiance
Grace and mercy
Childhood memories, especially ones that stick in your mind for no apparent reason
Disposable diapers
Time to just sit around
Campfires, and the stories told there
Old friends I never talk to anymore, but I know they still remember me
Answered prayers
Eternity in Heaven
Shade trees in the summer
Beautiful voices like Lycia
Jeff Miller and all that he has done to help me plan Cambodia May 2009
Having all the five senses
Heat and air-conditioning
Prayer walks at 6:30am with Dr. Lo
How funerals and weddings can bring a family together like nothing else
Spring Break
Guessing games
Free samples
The arrows that show you which way to insert the batteries
Those little plastic things on the ends of your shoelaces
Roadside rest areas
Taking SPA238 with Profe Miller
Dr. P - An academic advisor that really cares about me meeting my dreams and following God's will

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baby Face here, bloggin...

Hey guys it's Leah here....

I'm 9-months-old now and figured it's about time to start blogging...

First, I gotta figure out how this lappy works...

Wheeeee... is that ME on the screen???

Wait, what is that... NASCAR on the TV?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Recent Keyword Activity

Embedded in my blog I have a stat counter which provides information on who visits my blog.. anyways, earlier tonight I had a visitor from Cuenca, Ecuador that located my blog by searching "Geovanni Saltos" on It would be interesting to know if they found who they were looking for!

28,000 homeless line up for food and water at tent camps that have sprouted up around the quake-devastated cities

Scores of people were killed and tens of thousands left homeless in central Italy Monday after a powerful earthquake shook a mountain region, severely damaging a historic city and leaving hundreds feared trapped in rubble.
The magnitude-6.3 quake hit L'Aquila and several towns covering 230 square miles in central Italy early Monday, leveling buildings and reducing entire blocks to piles of rubble. It was the worst quake to hit Italy in three decades.
The death toll has risen to 272, and six bodies have not yet been identified. Sixteen of the dead were children. Of the injured, 100 remained in serious condition.
Madonna pledged $500,000 in quake relief, said the mayor of Pacentro, the mountainside village where two of the pop star's grandparents were born.

One 98-year-old survivor, rescued by firemen in the hamlet of Tempera, 30 hours after quake, impressed Italy with her fortitude.
Maria D'Antuono said in an interview on private Italia Uno TV network that while she lay in her bed, surrounded by pieces of fallen plaster, she passed the time by crocheting.
When firefighters arrived to help her out of her home, she ate some crackers, and then told her rescuers, "At least let me comb my hair" before she was brought outside.

*Pictures attributed to BBC News.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Intro. to Economics

Have I mentioned before that Intro to Economics with I*** P******** is the worst class I have ever taken?  Twice a week I sit at the back of the room and listen to this man from who-knows-where share his pessimistic opinions (NOT truth, NOT evidence) of our backward nation, and his predictions of the next American Recession/Depression.  However, I do respect the man and believe he is very intelligent.
Anyways.  Enjoy the following pictures taken in a recent class, with Jessie behind me.