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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Team Retreat

Friday at 4, me and five of the six girls on my Cambodia team went on a little weekend retreat to the Philemon Center in Warsaw, IN.  There is a girl on my team who is a member of the Community Grace Brethren Church in Warsaw, and her church (or denomination or district..) owns a little house in the woods where we were able to stay for free.  It was so nice and we had so much fun.  Before this weekend, we hadn't spent any time bonding together outside of team meetings and fundraising activities.  We stopped for Subway for din din, and one mom graciously bought us lots of snacks and cereal for breakfast.  We crafted, told stories, laughed, shared our testimonies, played games, and went to bed after 2:00.

Height comparison -- Aimee & Angela

Clockwise:: Myself, Aimee, Ashton, Loren, Hannah, & Angela

Hannah and Loren

Even if they're mean & threaten to do horrible things to me while I sleep..

Crafting!!  We printed 50 team pictures and scrapbook'ed each one as creative gifts for the friends we make in Cambodia.

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