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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love List ♥

77 things I'm thankful for::
Dad's cancer-free biopsy
Overcoming seasonal depression on the warm and sunny days!
15 years of formal Christian education
The upcoming opportunity to return to Cambodia
An incredible team of six girls that are going with me to  Cambodia
A memory that serves to laugh, encourage, and inspire.
The opportunity I had to meet my goddaughter Kiara Sofia this summer in Kansas
The 7th day of creation (and a few of the others too!)
A strong sense of accomplishment
The friendly strangers that make a bad day just a little better
My brother-in-law treats me like a sister, not just his wife's sister
God's timing
My redeemer lives!
Memories of Ryan Dean before his death my senior year
My mom supports my call to missions
David and Michele Henry
Jokes that are not even funny, but make you laugh
Free tuition at IWU
My previous missions experiences in Mexico, Honduras, the DR, Cambodia, and Ecuador
A mom and dad that truly love me
The ability to travel by airplane
A queen sized bed
Family traditions during the holidays
Rest on the weekends
My health
The little blessings
God's Word
The feeling of unity on an athletic team
My twin sister and my older sister
A strong sense of accomplishment after writing a big paper, or finishing a long test
The morning news
my Grandma's long life and every moment I get to spend with her
A washer and dryer
The good people that do good things
God's calling on my life
Reed family reunions on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve
God's abounding love
God's forgiveness
Technology that allows me to talk with friends miles and miles away
Missionaries like Tim and Tiffany who surrender their lives to serve God
The testimonies of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, and the other men who were martyred in Ecuador
God's providence in opening the door to Honduras 4 years ago
Being healed of acute cerebella ataxia
Church softball in the summertime
Blue skies
Waking up and realizing you still have time to sleep
The cross and the empty tomb
The soldiers serving our country on foreign land and at home
Good movies
The teacher who taught me how to read
The Vinluan family
Kids that know the Pledge of Allegiance
Grace and mercy
Childhood memories, especially ones that stick in your mind for no apparent reason
Disposable diapers
Time to just sit around
Campfires, and the stories told there
Old friends I never talk to anymore, but I know they still remember me
Answered prayers
Eternity in Heaven
Shade trees in the summer
Beautiful voices like Lycia
Jeff Miller and all that he has done to help me plan Cambodia May 2009
Having all the five senses
Heat and air-conditioning
Prayer walks at 6:30am with Dr. Lo
How funerals and weddings can bring a family together like nothing else
Spring Break
Guessing games
Free samples
The arrows that show you which way to insert the batteries
Those little plastic things on the ends of your shoelaces
Roadside rest areas
Taking SPA238 with Profe Miller
Dr. P - An academic advisor that really cares about me meeting my dreams and following God's will


Joni said...

What a list. I smiled several times.

Jessie Reed said...

What is a Reed family reunion?

Jewel said...

Jessie you are funny! It means there is 1 Reed family there, and 3 or 4 other Reed sisters that still love the family and want to come.