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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The countdown & the team...

Well here we are! Getting ready to leave for Cambodia in 6 days and 7 hours! I can hardly believe it! 
1) I can hardly believe that we're leaving so soon!
2) I can hardly believe I'll be BACK in Cambodia in a week!  I have been to Mexico, Honduras, the DR, and Ecuador but I've never had the opportunity to return anywhere for a 2nd visit, so I'm SO EXCITED to see the familiar faces and sights, and make new memories where I already made so many great ones!
3) I can hardly believe that my team is so awesome!  Really, I'm blessed to have them!  I can't wait to travel and minister with them!
4) I can hardly believe how faithful God has been to us!
5) I can hardly believe how many things are still left to be done!  I have yet to write my devotionals or chapel messages down on paper.  I still have English grammar lessons to design and an entire "curriculum" for "teaching computer."  I use "" there because I'm not quite sure what I will be teaching on the computer.. so I'm not quite sure how to prepare (which is why I haven't!)  Also, I still have an entire suitcase to pack.  While I expect my team to be ready.. I'm not quite there!
I wanted to post a picture of each member on my team so that when I share I share stories with you, you will know to whom I am referring. =) 

This is me. =)  I have a pretty big crush on the guy I cut out of this picture from 2 summers ago... unfortunately for you, I cut him out!  Anyways.. I'm leading this wonderful team of 6 ladies for 3 weeks, then on April 23rd they leave and I will remain there in ministry for 3 more weeks.

This is Zoey. She is pretty cool! =)

This is Loren, but we call her Babooka. She's pretty special. =)

This is Angela. She is great!

This is Ashton.  She will do wonderful things. =)

This is Aimee.  I like her alot. =)

This is Hannah.  I'm so glad she's on my team! =)

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