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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm thankful.

Thanksgiving was good!  I woke up feeling a little funny, and had stomach cramps most of the afternoon, but that didn't keep me from eating everything I wanted!  (The sweet potatoes were the best.)  Wednesday afternoon Jessie, my parents, Grandmom, and I drove 4 hours to my uncle Andy's house in Ohio.   My aunt Nancy's father's health has been decaying, so her brother and sister, and their spouses traveled from DC, to join their parents.  So altogether, there were fifteen gathered around two tables on Thursday.  Because I wasn't feeling well, I missed the Macy's parade (which is my favorite Thanksgiving tradition), and because of homework, I missed three good football games.  I wasn't surprised to see Tennessee beat the Lions 47-10, and I was glad to see the Eagles beat the Cardinals!!  I'm definitely a Colts fan, but Eagles are choice #2 (living out Granddad's legacy.)  Friday I DID go to Wal-Mart around 4:30 and the crowds were so dead, I didn't even have to wait in line to checkout!  Last night I put in a new Christmas cd, then Jessie, Mom, and I put up one Christmas tree!  Hopefully soon Dad will fix the lights on the tower so we can display our star at 30' high.  I would like to see more decorated before I return to school Sunday night, but I do have five essays to revise and print for my Advanced Writing portfolio.  I only have one week of classes before finals.  Yikes!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Living Open Handedly

Last week in Thursday evening chapel, a student shared about a tradition called "the saddest Christmas party ever" at a small Christian college in Atlanta where a friend of hers attends.  The idea is that you find what means the most to you, and you give it away.  She shared the testimony of a guy who has never known his real father, and felt compelled to give away the only "piece of his father" he had ever received - a letter.  We also watched a video testimony of three more students, a girl who was struggling to realize her true beauty in Christ gave away all her make-up and cut her hair very short.  Another girl gave away a significant portion of her clothes.  The third student, a guy, gave away every picture, letter, and gift that reminded him of his fiance.  They were compelling stories.  Though I'm still waiting on God to help me realize what it is that I'm holding in clenched fists, I committed myself to surrendering it.  Just something to think about...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten Honest Things

"If you choose to accept this mission, you will tell ten honest things about yourself and than tag seven others.  This tape will self-destruct in five seconds."


1) I am terrified of spiders, almost irrationally.  It's ridiculous.  Almost 3 years ago, I had a top 5 life experience in the Dominican Republic, and I have on multiple occasions considered returning, but immediately begin to reconsider because of all the tarantulas there.

2) I LOVE House -the medical drama.  Yesterday, I admit, I watched 6 episodes.  That is NOT normal.. but when I find 45 minutes, I watch House.

3) I don't enjoy driving with others in the car.  It's too much pressure to be behind the wheel and be responsible for safely transporting others.

4) I babysit a lot, and I do have favorites, but I do try to not make it obvious.

I know... my sister's car is cooler than mine, but my little black Cobalt is perfect for ME.  Yes, of course I wish it had automatic windows and locks.. but I manage without.

6) In May I am leading an IWU World Impact missions team to Cambodia, then I'm staying for two extra weeks (51/2 weeks) to continue teaching English and I'm really nervous.

7) Yes, of course there have been other guys, but I have had a crush on the same guy for maaaybe.. almost 8 years.

8) I'm lame.  It's ok.  I like to get to bed before 11:30 at night and if it's after 12:30, I'm really upset with myself.

9) I used to never ever ever want to go to Asia... what was I thinking??

10) When I tell you I'm praying for you... I really am.

TO WHOM I AM PASSING THIS AWARD: I don't know which of my blog fans is "up" for doing one of these just now. So - - - - if you're a blogger, and you're reading this, and it strikes your fancy, consider yourself tagged, copy the award to your blog, link back to me, and post ten honest things about yourself.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jayden Adriel Tejeda

Pray for Jayden, born very premature to my friends Gerson and Betsy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Good weekend!

Friday night I went out with friends and had so much fun! I feel like it was a really great weekend. Most of us have been attending the same Bible study last year and this year, but Phil, Jay, and Gabby just came last week. We met at 7:00 and went bowling. We played two games for $3 which was awesome. I think only Dan broke 100, but we had alot of fun. Then we went to Steak & Shake, where Phil & Stephanie joined us. Then we played Spoons in the student center until almost 1:00AM. I love these guys and I always have so much fun when I am with them! It's a good group of friends. Pastor Phil & Stephanie are moving to Illinois sometime between April and July, and we will miss them very much, but I know that our group will remain close. Enough of that! Here are some pictures of the night!!

Pastor Phil & Stephanie Stuller (or PP & SS) 

Mitch & Casey - We just realized on Friday that Mitch & I were on the same indoor soccer team last semester. I was trying to think of another Mitch I knew.. and I realized it is THIS MITCH!  Of course I only played two games.. but we knew each other before September 09!



All of us! (minus Jessie who took the picture =[ ) I wish we could have figured out an effective way to get a good photo of all of us. =/

Paul W & Gabby

Paul G. & Jessie - Supposedly the two smartest people in our group, aside from Phil S.

Phil & Jay

Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Elephant & Pumpkin

Here I pictures I recently received from George & Sheree Wuertz, the missionaries to Ecuador that I nannied for this summer.  Daniel the elephant turned 2 while I was with them in July, and Nathan is almost 7 months old now!  They are cute little boys!  I hoped I would see them again before they return next Spring, but a trip to Indiana is no longer in the schedule.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Burglar asleep

I just received this update from a Rolitess, a Filipino missionary I met in Kratie, Cambodia. She is an English teacher under World Hope International, and partners with Pastors Vandy and Chamnol. Kratie was my favorite province in Cambodia. Anyways.. its a pretty interesting story, and you should read!

Pastor Chamnol (Tito) & I at Freedom Hotel in Seam Reap, CAM - May 2008

Rolitess Galam

(as written by Tess::)
There’s a burglary incident in the Church and in the School weeks ago.

It happened on Saturday night while the Pastors were having dinner in my house. At that time, our dog (shrek) stayed in my house too. Lukru Titus noticed that his camera and CD player were missing. They searched more if there’s any other thing. The funny thing was, they found the burglar sleeping inside the Parsonage new bathroom! They found out that he was also drunk so they just let him sleep until the police came and arrested him. They brought him in the police station. He confessed that he didn’t find any money inside that’s why he just got the valuable things. The Pastors wanted to know if he’s also responsible on the previous case – (the church lost the offering money last time) but he honestly said this was his first time to steal. The next morning, the parents came to talk with the Pastors and asking to release their son and guaranteeing that it will never happen again. We gave the pardon and gave the burglar a second chance, he was really so ashamed and promised to change. I hope we could do a follow up on him.

This event proves that God has really an eye for the anointed ones including security on their possessions and resting place. This is my first time to witness a burglar asleep while stealing.. It was a wonderful testimony the next day as we had our worship! Amazing God! I think the angels were really at work at that time. Good work!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Two Grandparents, Two Babies, and Life Lessons on Love

It is evident that my blogs have been lacking depth.. or even activity.  If you care, I apologize.  It is not that I do not have things to write about, but I simply have not found the time.  Believe me, I do NOT live a dull life -  I may have fallen asleep on Friday at 8:30PM and was awoken at 11AM on Saturday, but I do live an exciting life!!!  As I sit here in my new favorite spot on campus (secluded tables in upstairs Noggle), I am concluding a personal narrative for Advanced Writing, then I will begin for tomorrow a New Testament paper, and honestly.. I haven't even glanced over the requirements, including the subject.  No need to say more.  I will include a portion from my advanced writing paper.  It delves into a the life of a person who has made a huge impact on my life.  Enjoy.. or don't.  I promise next entry will include pictures!

On my desk sits a very special photograph, a rather sentimental and precious image of two beautiful people, a young infant and her great grandma. The picture, taken in early August, depicts a petite elderly woman, my grandmom, embracing a tiny one-month-old baby girl, my niece Leah Marie. I received the picture via email three days before the conclusion of a long, difficult, and emotional journey away from home, my family, and all that is familiar. Receiving the picture brought strength, joy, and peace to my lonely heart, for the image portrays a love that is foundational to nearly all aspects of my life. My granddad and grandmom, full of love, humility, and selflessness, and two baby girls, my niece and goddaughter, full of innocence, beauty, and joy, have taught me significant life lessons regarding my relationship with others, God, and myself. Through receiving gracious and merciful love by Granddad and Grandmom, and giving bountiful love to Leah and Kiara Sofia, my heart has been molded to love and be loved like I never could have imagined.
Harvey “Gunk” and Jane Ache, my mother’s parents, have been foundational in all aspects of my life. Aside from vacations on the beach or journeys through the woods and mountains, Grandmom and Granddad’s house has always been one of my favorite places to be. As a little girl, I loved to sit on Granddad’s lap and listen to his stories of the African safari, the Bolivian jungle, and the Haitian villages. I remember bouncing on his back as he scampered along the green shag carpet, throwing his huge arm across his nose and into the air, and giving an “errruuuumph” noise. If I were lucky, after pretending we were elephants, we would pretend to be giraffes. He would take me out and raise me onto his great sturdy shoulders and let me pick green leaves out of the tallest trees. When I was in pre-school and kindergarten, there was no one else I would rather be with. Granddad was my ultimate favorite.
My grandparents were missionaries in Sierra Leone, Africa for three-and-a-half years until Grandmom was pregnant with their third child, and too ill to remain on the field. My mom’s family then returned to the States, and Granddad was a bi-vocational pastor in many small churches throughout Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan, and also taught history. Years later, Granddad returned to missions and traveled throughout Africa, as well as Haiti and India. Through the testimonies and stories of my granddad’s foreign ministry, in addition to my own experiences, my love for missions has grown into my passion, and I remember Granddad and his zeal every time I journey to a foreign land.
On my desk sits another special picture. The back reads: “Evangelist Harv Ache preaching the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to the villagers and Pastor Gokanakondo Sam Jaya Presada Rao is interpreting into Teluga language. M.O.I. India - 1985 project.” Though Granddad is not fully visible in this image, I can see and almost feel his passion. From the young boy in the front of the assembly, not quite three feet tall, to the frail and aged woman in the back, sitting on the dirt ground, it is evident that my granddad holds each one’s full attention. As Granddad preaches to the people, his arms are extended out, with his hands held open; and though I cannot see his face, I can imagine the passion in his eyes, his illustrious voice awing the gathered.
Like my granddad, I have developed a huge love for the world outside the United States, and for God’s children so disadvantaged, broken, and hungry. I have a deep respect for my grandfather, and even fourteen years after his death, Granddad has remained living in my love of culture, my passion for missions, and my desire to travel the world, sharing the love and Message of Christ. As I am being trained in missions, I think about being a missionary like my grandfather, selfless, full of love for God, His Word, and His people. I have thought about Granddad nearly every day for fourteen years, but today, the memories re different. I appreciate the things about my granddad that a three or four or five-year-old never could. My granddad was more than a missionary and more than a pastor; everything he did, every day of his life, was an absolute surrender of his will to God. My family tells me that I was his favorite grandchild, and I hope that he would be proud of the person I have become, a person trying to be just like him...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Beautiful November

In Indiana, we have had a beautiful fall season!  Mid to late October was pretty chilly, but the last week-and-a-half has been gorgeous!  I cannot believe how nice it has been outside.  I am so thankful for this beautiful beautiful weather.  I love the colors of Fall (which has almost passed), but I have never enjoyed cold weather.  I'm in my prime around 78 degrees.  Twice this week I didn't even wear sleeves outside!  Oh boy.. I love this!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gerson, Betsy, & a Gersonito

Please pray for my friend Betsy. She is having complications with pregnancy, and may be forced to induce at only thirty-one weeks. God has already worked miracles in her life, providing a way to the States (from Bolivia) for optimum medical care. God then provided her husband, Gerson, with an American visa - so the two are together! Please remember Betsy and Gerson, their little baby boy, and the doctors. Here is a link to her blog if you want to read more:

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sleepy Pea & the Trail of Terror

I went home last night so I would be there when my niece came in her costume. She was the cutest little pea-pod.  I hadn't seen her since my birthday, and she had grown so much in 5 weeks!  This was the best picture I could get to upload, but I imagine my sister will have pictures to post, so I will steal a cute one from her and update here.

Later last night, I went with Jessie and three friends from school and three of their friends that were visiting from Ohio, and we went an hour away to a haunted corn maze in Farmland.  We were maybe five minutes away, when the cornmaze was eight minutes til closing, then we were led on a detour.  Steve, our driver, decided the better idea was to forget the detour sign and continue on.  I won't tell you how our excursion managed a way around the closed bridge, but it did involve white knuckles and grabbing Gabby next to me.  Ok, I will tell you -- we crossed the Mississinewa River through the Mississinewa River.  It was intense, but I loved it.  We didn't get arrive until 10:59, so it was plenty dark, and plenty scary.  I love the thrill of being frozen in fear, fighting an anxiety attack; but I love more my friends who were willing to hold my hands, and my arms, and shelter me from the ghouls and black figures.  We were in a group of nine, and the workers knew who the scared girl was-- so then tended to shadow me.  Despite my pulling, pushing, and throbbing, I think everyone had a good time!  It was a night of good stories at least!