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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Full Life

The last month of life has been FULL - full of busyness, full of ‘firsts,’ full of memories, full of overtime at work, full of surprises; and as a result, full of craziness!

Some of the firsts have included:

Titus' first baseball game, June 26th:

Our Indianapolis Indians lost, but we had so much fun with our friends, Jeff and Amy, on their 13th anniversary.

Titus' first trip to the zoo, June 29th:

For our eight-month anniversary, I took the day off and we went to the zoo.  My husband saw a real, living zebra for the first time in his life, and I mourned because there were no elephants! BOO! In almost four hours time, we made it through 3 of 4 exhibits before a horrendous storm blew through and we were ushered into the basement by zookeepers. Upon exiting the basement, we were greeted by a forest of branches and foliage at our feet.On our way home, we were parked almost 45-minutes on the interstate while road-crews cleared fallen trees and over-turned semis.  It was a very warm, fun, and memorable day with my sweet husband!

Our first Cambodian house-guests:

For three days last week, we had friends from New York visit and stay with us. We were able to visit Titus' best man on a number of occasions when we traveled to New York to see Jessie at grad school, and when she graduated two months ago, we wondered when we would see the Nov family again!  We were so excited and surprised when they said they would be in Indiana, and we really enjoyed the few days with them - eating Fazoli's and Khmer food, playing Scrabble, and staying up late talking.

Other than working an unusually large number of hours this week, life has been fun and relaxing otherwise.

Titus and I are both looking forward to going to our church district's Family Camp next week. We'll be taking fans and a cooler and moving into a small dorm at the campgrounds this Sunday afternoon and returning next Sunday evening. I have almost 24-years of memories at the campgrounds, and I am so so so excited to make more this summer with my husband!

Love, Love, Love,
Jessie's proud twin sister,