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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Los instrucciones para división larga

Si se gustaría conocer los instrucciones para división larga, se los diré.
If you would like to know the instructions for long division, I will tell them to you.

Los instrucciones para división larga
(The instructions for long division)
Los cinco pasos básicos estan:
(The five basic steps are:)
1. dividir (divide)
2. multiplicar (multiply)
3. sustraer (subtract)
4. anotar (bring down)
5. repetir o permanecer (repeat or remain)

Por ejemplo: 947 / 2
novecientos y cuarenta y siete dividí por dos.
(For example: 947/2)

Dividan el numero dos en el primero numero del dividendo. Este es nueve.
(Divide two into the first number of the dividend. This is nine.)

Crean cuantos los dos encajare en nueve.
(Think how many twos will fit into nine.)

Escriban el numero sobre exactamente el numero en que dividieron, el nueve.
(Write the number directly above the number you divided into, the nine.)

Multipliquen el divisor y el primero numero en el cociente, cuatro y dos.
(Multiply the divisor and the first number in the quotient, four and two.)

Escriban su respuesta sobre exactamente el numero en que dividieron
(Write your answer directly under the nine or the number you just divided into.)

Tracen una línea debajo del ocho.
(Draw a line under the eight.)

Tracen una línea de sustracción al lado del ocho y sustraigan nueve menos ocho.
(Draw a subtraction line next to the eight and subract nine minus eight.)

Escriban su respuesta sobre exactamente el ocho.
(Write your answer directly below the eight.)

Vayan al numero próximo en el dividendo.
(Go to the next number in the dividend.)

Escriban una flecha sobre el cuatro.
(Write an arrow under the four.)

Anoten el cuatro abajo al uno.
(Bring the four down next to the one.)

Aquí es donde decidan repetir los cinco pasos o permanecer.
(Here is where you decide to repeat the five steps or to remain.)

Si su divisor puede dividir en su numero nuevo, catorce, o si tienen los numeros en el dividendo que no han anotado, repetan los los cinco pasos de división larga.
(If your divisor can divide into your new number, 14, or if you have numbers in the dividend that you have not brought down, you repeat the five steps of divison.)

Dividan dos en su numero nuevo, catorce.
(Divide 2 into your new number, 14.)

Escriban su respuesta sobre el cuatro en su cociente.
(Place your answer directly above the 4 in your quotient.)

Multipliquen su divisor, dos, con su numero nuevo en su cociente, seite.
(Multiply your divisor, 2, with your new number in the quotient, seven.)

Escriban su respuesta sobre exactamente el catorce.
(Place your answer directly under the fourteen.)

Tracen una línea debajo del catorce segunda.
(Draw a line under the second fourteen.)

Tracen una línea de sustracción al lado del catorce segunda y sustraigan, ese es cero.
Draw a subtraction line beside the second fourteen and subtract, this is zero.

Escriban un cero sobre de la línea y escriban una flecha sobre el numero próximo, seite.
(Write a zero under the line and draw an arrow under the next number, seven.)

Anoten el seite al lado del cero.
(Bring the seven down next to the zero.)

Dividan su dos en el seite y escriban su respuesta al lado de cuarenta y siete.
(Divide your two into the seven and write your answer next to the fourty-seven.)

Multipliquen su divisor con su numero nuevo en su cociente, tres.
(Multiply your divisor into your new number in the quotient, three.)

Escriban su repuesta, seis, sobre el numero seite.
(Write your answer, six, under the number seven.)

Tracen una línea debajo del numero seis.
(Draw a line under the number six.)

Tracen una línea de sustracción al lado del seis y sustraigan.
(Write your subtraction sign next to the six and subtract.)

Escriban su repuesta sobre el numero seis, ese es uno.
(Write your answer under the number six, this is one.)

No repitan los cinco pasos de división porque no hay más numeros a anotar y dos no se dividirán en uno.
(You do not repeat the steps of divison because there are no more numbers to bring down and two will not divide into one.)

El numero restante será el resto.
(The remaining number becomes the remainder.)

¡El fin!
(The end!)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The best day in Ecuador.

One morning, our second work day and last day in Cuenca, my sister and I worked with a few groups from our team, Geovanni (the local pastor) and Alex (or "Abuelo"). After about an hour of nothingness, as low-labor work was minimal and women culturally do not participate in heavier work, I made a joke to my sister in reference to some sewing work and the boys caved in to let two weak girls assist in the hefty construction. I proved myself well by mixing cemento and Giovanni actually replaced one of "the men" with myself. We dug a small 100'x1'x6" (ish?) trench along one side of the small blue tent church. This was in order to prevent flooding into the church, as it rains heavy and often in the mountains. In the process, James, a fellow team member and co-worker, busted a water pipe, which put us about an hour behind in our labor efforts. Soon it was time to leave for lunch, so our muddy work crew clung for our lives to the exterior of Geovanni's beaten truck as he drove us through the rough and flooded mountain streets. After dinner our team left for the hotel to clean and going shopping; while James, John, Jessie and myself (the "super crew") chose instead to join Geovanni and Abuelo back at the church and complete our construction project. Abuelo taught me how to line the trench molding with concrete and later to patch. I learned quickly and took pleasure in showing up James and John ("sons of thunder"). I had so much fun working in the mud, and at times rain. Abuelo and Giovanni called me "China" after some strong women's wrestler. I resented the title at first, but soon realized it was more appealing than Grandpa or Fatty as other's attained nicknames. It was about another three hours of work and finally we were finished. Giovanni and his wife, Christine, wanted to reward our hard work and effort and what they considered a sacrifice of our fun time to serve and to give. We cleaned up some and relaxed in their house, and then we piled in the truck and after a 30 minute drive to a large shopping market. Geovanni took us on am astounding tour of the most beautiful and breath-taking sites in Cuenca. We traveled into the mountains and up to the highest spot in Cuenca. It was the most inconceivable view of the entire city. Here Abuelo actually proposed to my sister. Had it not been a ridiculous request for a twenty-eight-year-old man, living in Ecuador to ask an eighteen-year-old girl from the States, whom he has only known for five days, it would have been quite romantic and maybe even perfect, also if not for us six bystanders and James with his video camera. We also saw a grande speed-rushing river and some statue things. We walked the mall and had pizza and ice cream, which was relatively delicious. If you are ever in Latin America, especially the Dominican Republic or Ecuador, you must try the coco helado (or coconut ice cream). After dinner we bundled ourselves into the cab of the little truck, as opposed to Giovanni, Christine, Jael and myself in the front, and Jessie and the three boys rode in the back. John sat on James’ lab with Christine and the car seat in the second row, I sat straddling the gearshift, and Jessie perched on Abuelo’s lap and mine, with Giovanni driving. It was a remarkably, absurdly, fun experience. The three in the rear played this great game of “Let us pull Jewel’s hair!!”, which made for an interesting ride. We took Abuelo to a light night seminary class at the university, which was a quite magnificent building as well. Sadly, we arrived at Hotel Tomebamba, after hours of fun, and it was time for goodbyes. I cried and Christine said I as the only vaster to ever make her cry, which… oh my word, made it even more emotional! Goodbyes are so difficult, especially when one knows there is little chance of ever meeting again. I had built such a strong relationship while serving with Giovanni and Christine, such stark connections. While in the truck we shared our testimonies and fears and dreams. I really opened up and shared about God’s calling of service upon my life and about my real fears. Christine was so encouraging and through her, God taught me real faith. Faith that He will reveal His will to me. Faith that He will guide me. Faith that He will be with me wherever I am, whether El Salvador, Haiti, Kenya, or Cambodia.

Look forward to more.

Cemento work with Abuelo.

Giovanni's truck.

The boys trying on a poncho at the market.

Our amazing group shot (-James): Jael, Christine, Abuelo, Geovanni, John, myself and Jessie.

Where good memories were made.

That fun game in the truck..

James and John getting close in the back seat.

Getting comfy with Jessie and Abuelo.