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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Burglar asleep

I just received this update from a Rolitess, a Filipino missionary I met in Kratie, Cambodia. She is an English teacher under World Hope International, and partners with Pastors Vandy and Chamnol. Kratie was my favorite province in Cambodia. Anyways.. its a pretty interesting story, and you should read!

Pastor Chamnol (Tito) & I at Freedom Hotel in Seam Reap, CAM - May 2008

Rolitess Galam

(as written by Tess::)
There’s a burglary incident in the Church and in the School weeks ago.

It happened on Saturday night while the Pastors were having dinner in my house. At that time, our dog (shrek) stayed in my house too. Lukru Titus noticed that his camera and CD player were missing. They searched more if there’s any other thing. The funny thing was, they found the burglar sleeping inside the Parsonage new bathroom! They found out that he was also drunk so they just let him sleep until the police came and arrested him. They brought him in the police station. He confessed that he didn’t find any money inside that’s why he just got the valuable things. The Pastors wanted to know if he’s also responsible on the previous case – (the church lost the offering money last time) but he honestly said this was his first time to steal. The next morning, the parents came to talk with the Pastors and asking to release their son and guaranteeing that it will never happen again. We gave the pardon and gave the burglar a second chance, he was really so ashamed and promised to change. I hope we could do a follow up on him.

This event proves that God has really an eye for the anointed ones including security on their possessions and resting place. This is my first time to witness a burglar asleep while stealing.. It was a wonderful testimony the next day as we had our worship! Amazing God! I think the angels were really at work at that time. Good work!

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