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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Living Open Handedly

Last week in Thursday evening chapel, a student shared about a tradition called "the saddest Christmas party ever" at a small Christian college in Atlanta where a friend of hers attends.  The idea is that you find what means the most to you, and you give it away.  She shared the testimony of a guy who has never known his real father, and felt compelled to give away the only "piece of his father" he had ever received - a letter.  We also watched a video testimony of three more students, a girl who was struggling to realize her true beauty in Christ gave away all her make-up and cut her hair very short.  Another girl gave away a significant portion of her clothes.  The third student, a guy, gave away every picture, letter, and gift that reminded him of his fiance.  They were compelling stories.  Though I'm still waiting on God to help me realize what it is that I'm holding in clenched fists, I committed myself to surrendering it.  Just something to think about...

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