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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Difficult Goodbye

If you read the text at the bottom of the above picture you will notice Jessie's departure date is April 28th - today!  My sister left for the Philippines this morning and I won't see her until I return June 13, then two days later she will be at camp for two weeks.  I told that I'm going to visit her every single day at camp, but she said that isn't allowed.  I told her that will make an exception when they see my sad face!  It's hard to be separated. =(

Prepare yourself for the cutest story you will ever read....
\When Jessie and I were born and they separated us in the nursery, evidently one (or both) of us was crying enough that the nurses decided to put us together and see what would happen.  Well, the baby stopped crying and one of us (I won't tell you which cause she isn't here to defend herself) started sucking on the other girl's nose!  Adorable, right? 

Please pray for Jessie while she is in the Philippines.  Pray for their health, and for their safety as they travel through the islands.  They will be doing a variety of ministry - pray that the Holy Spirit works in them and through them to accomplish great things for His Kingdom.

THIS is a link to a blog where you can read about our missions trips.  It is a community blog for World Impact, the missions organization at Indiana Wesleyan Univeristy, so throughout May and June, there will be teams updating from Peru, Togo, Spain, Thailand, Mozambique, Honduras, Zambia, Cambodia, the Philippines... (at least they're supposed to!)

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Keetha said...

Awwwwwww - - - cute bebe story!