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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I wouldn't mind...

I wouldn't mind living here:

with people like this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

I wouldn't mind having a truck like this:

With 2 boys like this:

With traffic like this:

I wouldn't mind sights like this:

I wouldn't mind shopping like this:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mi ahijada

Kiara Sofia Saltos
On Monday, January 28th, this little girl, was born to Geovanni and Christine Saltos. Geovanni is a national Wesleyan pastor in Racar, Ecuador. I met Pastor Geo and Christine in Ecuador in April. I built a strong and special relationship with Geo and Christine during my visit and we have maintained our relationship since my return. In a previous blog here I wrote about 'the best day in Ecuador', a day full of memories with Geo and Christine. That afternoon is especially forever impressed upon my heart and memory. In Geo’s muddy blue truck, Christine, Geo and I shared our testimonies, our fears, and our dreams. Through the bumpy mountain streets we sang together and we laughed together. Since April, Geo and I have continued to speak roughly once per week.
On Friday, February 1st, I received an e-mail from Geovanni’s brother-in-law concerning the arrival of Geo and Christine’s second daughter. I was equally surprised and concerned, as Kiara was not expected until March 10th. Kiara was born weighing 4.4 pounds and was 31 centimeters in length. Due to her health and size, Kiara was placed on a ventilator for four weeks, and she remains there today. The e-mail did not mention the baby’s name so I was very curious when I spoke with Geo on Saturday. Geo and Christine asked me to choose a name for their baby. It was an incredible feeling! I NAMED a little bundle of life, a little ball of joy. I chose the name that Kiara Sofia will be identified with all her life. It is seriously an indescribable feeling. THEN Geo declared that he and Christine wanted me to be Kiara’s godmother. I cannot express how special this is. I do not know the full responsibilities of a godmother, but I hope to exceed the Saltos’ expectations. Geo and I have been seriously considering our options for my visit to Ecuador in June and/or July. It is an wonderful opportunity which I hope becomes a REALITY. Please pray with me for the growth, strength and health of my goddaughter. Pray for the faith of the Saltos’ family that God will provide for their every need. Pray that Geo & Christine, myself, and Wesleyan missions can schedule my visit to Ecuador. Finally, praise the Lord for this beautiful and precious, new life.

Geovanni, Christine, their daugher Jael & myself
our last day together in Ecuador.