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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sometimes Life is Strange

*Friday at Longhorn Steakhouse, the waiter asked me if I wanted a refill of vodka. He promptly refilled my water glass with water. Strange.

*Jessie and I split a load of laundry yesterday afternoon. Somehow I only ended up with one pillowcase, 4 panties, 4 camis, and 17 pairs of socks. Strange.

*This evening, myself and 8 other adults and 5 little kids met at Brookhaven and we delivered Thanksgiving meals to families who have visited our church's food pantry in the last 12 months. On one street, we were looking for house #2916. However, the property between #2924 and #2912 was clearly empty. Strange.

*Speaking of strange interesting, when I was researching Cambodian foods for my Cambodia blog, I discovered that chicken feet are apparently a delicacy.

"Chicken Fingers" has a whole new meaning!

Otherwise, life is continuing as normal. My stress and homework load has been minimal for the last one to two weeks, but it's really going to pick up after Thanksgiving. We are quickly approaching the end of the semester, final project due dates, and comprehensive exams. Ugh.

I am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my twin sis, parents, Grandmom, aunt, uncle, and cousins in Ohio. I won't be sleeping in my own bed, but I'm still thankful for a break (and for many more things!) I have been shaking my booty off at Zumba and getting ready for sweet potato casserole and Aunt Nancy's homemade Thanksgivin' rolls!

I spent the majority of the afternoon doing some blog things! Check out the new blog buttons at the top of this page, and click them to see where they take you! I don't get many comments on my posts, but I know people are reading because I get a lot of hits on my counter! Special thanks to my faithful friends and readers.


Tonja said...

Chicken fingers...that's a hoot! I do think I would have to find something else to eat!

Good luk on the upcoming exams, know waaaay more than you think you do.

Blog looks great!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

sara said...

Not sure I would like the chicken fingers!!!

And how did you like that vodka?! did he even realize what he said?

Have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family!!!

Maloree said...

Love all the new updates and changes! I love that I have friends (like YOU) who blog... It is such a more personal world that I really feel like I can connect with people better! Only 30 days until Cambodia! Praying for you!!!

Faith said...

lol...I'm a reader who often doesn't comment but I do enjoy your blog!! Happy Thanksgiving and hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family. Much luck/blessings to you on your exams....i'm assuming you are an undergrad? my niece is in her 3rd year up in Maine....and my oldest is entering college near Boston (a Christian college) next year...I'm sure I'll be blogging about my baby coming home for the holidays! :)