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Monday, January 24, 2011

Urgent Prayers for Lily

I ask for your urgent prayers for two-year-old Lily, the daughter of Pastor Rotha and Elizabeth. A week ago, Lily was admitted into the hospital due to breathing complications. After only two days, the doctors saw improvement in her condition, she could breath on her own and was stronger; however, an underlying cause had not been found.

On Sunday, the results of Lily's blood test brought bad news. The results showed that her white blood cells are attacking her red blood cells, a possible diagnosis of anemia or another autoimmune disease. This is quite possibly the underlying cause of her original symptoms, and the doctors fear that the prognosis could be fatal.

Please pray that God...
...provides wisdom to the doctors at the hospital to give the proper treatment.
...would place His hand upon Lily, performing a special miracle of healing.
...brings strength and hope to Pastor Rotha and Elizabeth to endure this difficult and heart-wrenching time of waiting.
...allows the Body of Christ in Cambodia to minister and be a blessing to Lily and her family.

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