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Thursday, September 01, 2011

It's Coming.

I love Summer. I really, really, really love Summer. But, I also enjoy Fall because there are so many things to love about it (despite the fact that it introduces Winter.)

♥The cool (not cold!) autumn breeze flowing through my open windows
♥The smell - cold air has its own smell; it's crisp and clean
♥Hot tea on a cold day
♥The delicacies: Pumpkin pie chai and pumpkin ice cream, apple pie, candy corn and peanuts...
♥The way God paints the yellow, orange, and red landscape in the trees, and the deep blue in the sky
♥Scarves and sweaters
♥The crunching sound of newly fallen leaves beneath my feet as I walk to class in the morning
♥Watching football
♥Cuddling by the fireplace
♥Maple and spiced candles
The Mississinewa 1812 (a weekend-long historical commemoration festival)
♥Looking forward to Christmas

Two more for Fall 2011:
♥My wedding on October 29th
♥My fiancĂ© coming from Cambodia to America (for the first time!)
I haven't seen him since January!!

Can't wait!!

Love love love,

1 comment:

Loren said...

gaaaaha I LOVE FALL! and am so happy i get to be in indiana for fall!! and your wedding! man it will be a GREAT week!