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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A green Green Card!

Titus received his Green Card! (And yes, it is green!) We are praising the Lord!! He is now a permanent resident (at least until his status expires in 2 years!) The process/journey of applying for a fiancĂ© visa, [Titus] transitioning to the USA, applying for a Green Card, interviews, appointments, documentation, etc. has been a CHALLENGING experience. It has, at times, tested our faith, and brought us to our knees in exhaustion; but through it all, we have seen the Lord MOVE MOUNTAINS and we can stand today and testify to His FAITHFULNESS and His GOODNESS! When Titus was still in Cambodia, every time (3 or 4 times) that we needed to exchange paperwork, there was someone (short-term teams or missionaries) going to and/or from Cambodia/USA at just the right time. This saved us 100’s of dollars, and much time and frustration. The same week that we submitted his Green Card application, I started a full-time, well-paying, job with benefits! The Lord is in the details, and we are so immensely THANKFUL for that! His blessings are new every morning. Praise Him!!

With his Green Card, Titus will be allowed to re-enter the United States. That means… we’re planning a trip to Cambodia! Titus and I have already been talking about how we would LOVE to see his family accept Christ while we are there!! Please, please, please join us in praying for the salvation of his parents, brothers, cousins, and every member of his family! While our time in Cambodia will be short and busy, we plan to commit much of our time and energy sharing God’s Love and Good News with the Hem and Romdenh families.

We do not have dates yet, but I am already raising funds for our next trip. Right now, I have lots of unique and beautiful Cambodian souvenirs (jewelry, wallets, hair accessories, & scarves) for sale, as well as some things that I have hand-made (journals, flower magnets, headbands.) If you are interested in purchasing any of these, browse my  my Facebook ( Thanks to those who have already supported us in this way!

The Lord has been opening doors [and surprising us!] with opportunities to share our story with 3 other Cambodian-American couples who are also pursuing visas of some kind. One of the couples – Amy and Thanak – found my blog while searching the embassy and visa requirements on the internet. If that alone isn’t surprising – Amy lives less than 40 miles from us! The Lord works in mysterious ways. I never thought that the Lord would be using us in this way (other than helping Jessie & Aldean!) and never did I think that my blog would be so far-reaching! Titus and I were HUGELY blessed by having another couple help us through the visa-application process (Thank you Novs!) and it has truly been a blessing to be used in this way! Pray that God will continue to use us to be a blessing and encouragement for these three couples [and potentially others] and that the Lord will continue to guide them. [Megan and Tee pictured above.]

Additional prayer requests include: Please pray for wisdom and discernment as Titus and I continue to pursue his education at Indiana Wesleyan University. The process has been more complicated than what we anticipated, requiring receiving his transcripts directly from Cambodia, not accepting any of his credits from the WBI, and requiring an expensive English proficiency test.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and the support that you have provided for us as a couple in the last year. We have truly been blessed by having so many wonderful friends and family members! To those who we do not hear from regularly: please, let us know how you are doing!

Serving Him,
Titus & Jewel

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Intentional Memories

I have decided to be very intentional about making memories with my husband this summer.  Starting now!   Unfortunately, I am still in the office 8:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday, but there is still some room for FUN!

I'm really excited about this list!  This is Titus' first Summer in America and his first opportunity to do so many of these things (ie. Family Camp, Indiana State Fair, the I-69 Speedway, and even canoeing, camping, yard sales, and baseball games!)  I feel so so so blessed to experience these thing with such a wonderful man, and to see him experience them for the first time!!

If you have any cheap and “any day” ideas, please share them with me!!
Strengthening our before-baby-bond this summer:

Walk to Sophie's for frozen yogurt

Start a garden

Bike the entire Cardinal Greenway 1x/month

Go canoeing

Ride our bikes to church on Sunday morning

Make homemade ice cream

Keep a Scrabble leader board

Go to a zoo/aquarium

Watch a movie on our own lawn

Picnic at the park


Watch fireworks (Scheduled: July 4)

Get away for a weekend


Fairmount Family Camp (Scheduled: July 22-29)


Yard sales

The Indiana State Fair (Scheduled: August 3-19)

Have our own photoshoot

Go on double dates 2x/month

Slumber party for two


Go to a baseball game

Borrow movies from the library

Go to the beach - (Scheduled: August 17-19 in LA!)

Mini golf

Find a creative way to learn Khmer

Watch a race at the I-69 Speedway

Volunteer - regularly and together!

Memorize Bible verses together

Eat at new restaurants (heck out these local favorite places to eat)

Keep a picture journal of all of the above 

Note: All these pictures are from - helping me discover new adventures in my own area! 

Love love love, 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

So Smart

Last Saturday, my sister graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College with a Master's degree in Child and Family Social Work and with honors.

In her graduating class of around 30, she was only one of four that graduated with honors, and only one other graduate wore her chords and medallion to graduation. She did an excelled program and got her MSW in 10 months. Ten months! With honors! I don't know how she did it. She is dedicated. She has passion. Her brain is big.

So proud of her.

She is going to change the world. (At least the parts her hands and heart touch.) In some parts, I know she already has.

She inspires me.

We brought her home from New York on Sunday and she received a phone call Monday afternoon that her employer can no longer hire her [for her dream job] due to finances (AND ALL THE CURRENT EMPLOYEES QUITTING AND SUING THE COMPANY.)


She is incredibly good at what she does. Incredibly good. I am sure that she will be a priority candidate in her job search and that her employer will be very blessed to have her. I am just praying that it is close in proximity to ME. :)

It's been so good to have her home this week and back into my life. She hasn't been around much since Titus and I got married in October, so it will be interesting to see how I balance the roles of sister and wife, as well as work and friends.

So blessed.

Love, Love, Love,