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Monday, April 01, 2013

Andrea's Big Giveaway!

^^ These hearts love Andrea! ^^

My sweet friends Dale and Carrie are raising funds to bring home this sweet little girl, Andrea, whom God has called them to adopt.  Carrie has been working with children and adults with disabilities for ten years.  A few months ago, God called Dale and Carrie to more than loving children through a career and they have opened their home and family to a precious child with Down Syndrome. Andrea will be truly blessed in a life-changing and eternal way to become the fifth family member in the Bradford family. In talking to Dale and Carrie, I know that Andrea is already deeply loved by both her God-given parents and her little God-given sister and brother!

Dale and Carrie's financial goal is within sight - only a few thousand dollars away! If you can give just $5, $10, or $25 to help them reach their goal, you could win a Kindle Fire HD, a $25 Build-a-Bear gift card, or a beautiful hand-made jewelry set! Visit the Bradford's Adoption Journey HERE ( to give and learn more.


If you donate to Dale and Carrie (via the PayPal button on their blog) AND you comment on my blog, then you will also be entered in a drawing for one or two or three of these:

What you need to do:
1. Visit and donate any dollar amount using their PayPal button in the right column.
2. Leave a comment on Carrie's blog indicating the donated $ amount, and whether you shared the giveaway details on Facebook or your own blog.
3. Leave a comment on MY blog indicating the donated $ amount, and whether you shared the giveaway details on Facebook or your own blog. On my blog, each $ gives you 1 entry and each share (Facebook or blog) gives you 3 additional entries.

**In two weeks (April 15th,) I will update my blog announcing the winners and giving directions on how the winners can select/receive their prize(s).**

Thanks for supporting Dale and Carrie and helping to change Andrea's life forever!

Love, love, love,


Bridgette said...

I donated $5 and shared on Facebook! what an awesome way to help them! Thanks!

Suzanne Howell said...

Hey pretty girl! Thanks for the heads up on your blog giveaway. I just love your BIG heart and how you support so many! I donated and blogged about the Bradford adoption.

playdoughintheparsonage said...

I donated and shared on FB! :) Carrie is our son's aide at school and she is awesome! I am so excited for their family :)

Jessie Pablo said...

I donated and shared on my facebook.