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Friday, April 25, 2008

Where am I?!?

I am amidst the wreckage that I refer to as the "unpacking/packing process."   Two days ago I moved home from college (somehow Jessie and I's stuff consumed nearly every inch of two cars and a van) only to prepare to pack up and leave for Cambodia eight days later.  These pictures give you only a midget glimpse of the reality that is the dump in my room.  Dump is not the most appropriate word, as these are valuable things, but it paints a clear picture.  
It really is an extraordinarily overwhelming task.  I might ask for help but I would never know where things are placed and I do not trust anyone to choose my clothes.  That isn't unreasonable, is it?  Wish me luck as I reshuffle the piles to pack a suitcase of necessities.  Thankfully it will be 90 degrees because capris and skirts pack easier than jeans. =]


Here are the newest pictures of Kiara that her father sent to me:
Kiara at 10 wks

For quite a few weeks I have been discussing with Geovanni (Kiara's dad) and with Tom Hines (Ecuador regional director) about a possible trip to Ecuador this summer.  July is really our only option.  I am taking a summer course through June 27 and I move back to IWU the last week of August, and Saltos family will be traveling the States the end of July and beginning of August.  I am so excited about this possibility.  I think about Ecuador and Kiara everyday.  Maybe it is where God has called me?  Idk, but I do know that when God gives you a passion, He wants you to work through that passion to honor Him and live according to His will.  Anyways, I cannot wait to meet my little goddaughter and hold her in my arms.  She is so precious and I know that is more true than me simply being partial!  Geovanni and Christine say she is finally growing and is healthy.  Being born quite prematurely in a "primitive" Ecuadorian hospital was certainly a concern for her health, but God is good.  Please pray with me that this opportunity to travel becomes a reality. 

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Very Sick Little girl...

Please pray with me for this little 10-year-old girl named Chrissy Briles. Late February she was admitted to Riley hospital with a variety of problems related permanent damage in both kidneys.  On March 20th Chrissy was readmitted to Riley with a rash. The rash has gotten continually worse since admittance and has developed into boils or blisters. There are infections in the boils from an allergic reaction to the medicine she was given for her kidneys. Skin patches roughly the size or 6" X 6" were falling off of her and many other blisters and rashes. She has severe blisters all over her body and inside her mouth and private parts. She has been placed in the intensive care burn unit. She is a very great deal of pain. Because her skin will not hold up to being taped, they had to suture her tube to her jaw. This pain medication has thrown her into very difficult breathing spells, and Chrissy is on a respirator/ventilator. The doctor sat down with Chrissy’s parents today and said that Chrissy is a very sick little girl. He has seen worse that have survived, but her odds at the moment are 50/50.  Here is the link to their family blog: It provides much better terminology and emotion than I.

Abba Father, Healer, Miracle Worker... rest your healing hands upon Chrissy Briles tonight. God touch her skin, take away this boils, stop the peeling… Father please take away her unbearable pain. May she not cry out in pain again tonight. God I remember the day You healed Lycia’s eyes… God I remember coming broken, in agony, to You in the shower months ago, and You healed my eyes too. I have seen Your miracles and I know that Your power is infinitely great. God I remember your words in James that say, “Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and to anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well’ the Lord will raise him up.” Father you are the Lord over both body and spirit, so I pray that you would touch both. Touch John and Jill, Matt, Andy, Steve… God I am offering this prayer in faith that you will give us a miracle and heal this sick little girl.