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Monday, May 11, 2009

Experiences in Cambodia...

I am still here at Freedom Hotel in Siem Reap - the tourism hotspot of Cambodia. We have been a few different places. This morning and afternoon we walked through Angkor Wat (google it!) and in 2 hours we will be riding elephants through the mountains to watch the sun set. (Oh boy I'm excited about that!!)
Yesterday was our first Sunday here in Cambodia, so we visited 2 churches. The 1st church was where I spoke last year, and both pastors remembered me and my story. Tonight we will return to one church to teach English classes. Yesterday evening we visited the Cultural Village (a tourist attraction of cultural dances and shows) but it rained very much and we were not able to see any shows, but did walk through the rain - running from tree to tree.
Our missionary (Pastor Greg, aka "Baby Bird") left us in Siem Reap with 3 Khmer pastors - Vandy, Chamnol, and Arun. They have been teaching me alot of Khmer - and I can now introduce myself in Khmer when we visit churches. I hired a Buddhist driver named Om to drive us place to place (he looks like gorilla.) Please pray that I can be a light for him. His English is not good, but I know that he is listening to us and watching us.
Tuesday morning we will leave for Kratie (my very favorite province in Cambodia). Pastor Greg and Resie and their 2 young daughters will be joining us there. I have missed him and his humor. I am also very excited to reunite with my friends in Kratie, especially a filippino missionary named Tess. When my team leaves, I will be staying with her for 2 weeks. This week is a national holiday (the king's birthday) so many schools are closed, but we still expect to offer our evening English courses because when the American girls arrive.. so do the Cambodians.
I have had mymoments of feeling sick, but it hasn't been bad. I do not each much because I am full very easy. This morning for breakfast I ate only 1/2 a small pancake. Please continue to pray for my health and energy so that I can be effective in ministry and not be held back by my physical body. Thank you for remembering me in your prayers. God is teaching me new things everyday and I am feeling closer to Him. Pray that I will continue to be filled with the Spirit and that my mind will give attention to opportunities to minister. Thank you!

David & Michele - The young filippino missionary Tess will still be in Kratie during my internship, so I will be staying with her. =) Thank you for praying.
Keetha - You are right about the ice!
Joni - Tell Leah I miss her so much!! What a big girl!!!
Mom - My malaria prescription says that I should take it alone, but I will begin to take my other meds with it so that I do not forget. Please take a picture of our big tree so that I will always remember it!

More to come when I can...

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Jessie Reed said...

the tree is still here right now