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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Preparations and Such...

♥ "Surrendering all" means erasing all my secular music. This isn't really something I want to do, but I felt convicted by the time I give to it. I asked God, "Can't I just keep this CD and that one?" His response: "No, it ALL has to go." No more Jack Johnson, John Legend, Stephan Speaks, Miley Cyrus, or Owl City. I admit, I'm still trying to be okay with this, but I do feel some empowerment. I also downloaded quite a few Rob Bell sermons to listen to in Africa.

♥ I learned how to drive a stick-shift car this afternoon. I was basically terrified, mostly of looking like an idiot when I stalled in intersections or jerked at stop signs, but it actually wasn't too bad and I even had fun! I'm feeling more confidence about driving a manual '56 vw beetle, but still anxious about the road and traffic conditions. Thanks a million Coach; you're the best!!!!

♥ My packing is finished down to my camera [which is charging,] my testimony and sermons [which I still need to print off,] and my glasses [which I'll wear in the morning.] So I'm feeling good!! Less stress, but not necessarily less nerves. My plane takes off at 5 tomorrow evening, so I won't leave until 2 and I should have plenty of time to relax and feel prepared in the morning. All of my previous trips have required that I leave the house between 4 and 6am, so I'm very glad that our first flight is later!

I got a message this evening from my twin sis, Jessie, who left for the Philippines early yesterday morning. She said,
"We got here last night. Almost didn't get a visa and Megan and I saw a big rat in our holding cell [I assume in customs?]. Couldn't find Joel [missionary] at the airport, but we're here now. :) Lovin it!"
Glad to hear from her! She's the hardest person to be away from. :( Now she's in the Philippines, and in the next 30-something hours I'll be somewhere near or in Mozambique!
♥ I will try to post as often as I have access, but I don't think it will be frequent. Thank you for your prayers! I love love love all your comments of encouragement. You guys are really wonderful. :)

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sara said...

praying for safe travel today and that everything will go smoothly!!! I can not wait to hear how God will be working through you!!!