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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Reminder: I'm NOT going alone!

I have prepared this prayer card with seven specific requests - one for each day of the week. My hope is that you and all my supporters will display it on your refrigerator, mirror, or desktop – a place that you will go often and be reminded to pray for me.

How to pray for Jewel’s ministry in Mozambique and in Puerto Rico:

• That I will be empowered by the Holy Spirit and be effective in my ministry, and that the Lord will bless the time that I commit to preparing my sermons and lessons. Again, my ministry will include a variety of: VBS, teaching English, youth ministry and outreach, ladies Bible study, visiting daycare centers, and teaching at the Bible college.

• That there will be unity on my Mozambique team; and that my relationships with everyone will be an encouragement and a blessing to them. Also, during my last month in Mozambique I will be alone, and I ask you to pray that I will find encouragement during that time.

• That I will be disciplined and kept accountable in my own spiritual walk and make the time for prayer each morning to commit my day and my ministry to Him. It is especially difficult to not be “fed” at church, as the services will be in Portuguese.

• That my body will be protected from sickness or exhaustion, and that my eyes will be protected from irritation and dryness, which frequently plague me.

• That I will have discernment and guidance from God as I lead my team in Mozambique. I sometimes feel inadequate because Africa will be new to me, therefore I cannot adequately prepare them to face difficult situations. I am also one of eight chaperones that will be leading our youth group to Puerto Rico.

• For traveling mercies: for safety during flights, on trips between provinces, and during the long drive between Johannesburg and Xai Xai. Also that I will be able to rest during the long flights (13 hours, 5 hours, 16 hours...) and that my luggage will be protected and arrived when and where it should.

• Finally, that I will have adequate rest and rejuvenation between returning from Mozambique on June 21st and soon after departing for Puerto Rico on June 29th.

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