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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Cakes

It's offical. I am now dedicating Wednesday as "Wedding Day." If I do not dedicate one day to weddings, then everyday will become "wedding Day" and I will quickly fall behind in classes, work, sleep, and relationships as I spend hours and hours on Google and flipping through magazines. Now before you starting leaving rude comments like, "Girl, don't you know it's Thursday?!" Yes, I realize that today is Thursday and not Wednesday, but I didn't quite finish my blog yesterday because.. well.. I was busy looking at cakes. :)))

Planning the wedding has been a lot of fun, but it's been overwhelming. I'm assuming that's a normal feeling, RIGHT?!

I am planning an American wedding with an Asian feel, but I'm having difficulty sorting through all the Chinese ideas to find anything remotely Cambodian in America. I cannot [and would not] tell you which cake I have chosen because I have not chosen [and I do not know how I ever will,] but these are a few that I have saved for consideration:

My idea for the 1st cake is to replace the dragon on the bottom layer with lotus flowers. [I do not know the meaning, but Christians in Cambodia disapprove of the dragon.] On the second layer, to replace the chinese characters with Khmer characters spelling "Romdenh" [new-last-name-to-be] or something else. On the top layer, to paint Angkor Wat or a typical stilt house, rather than a Buddhist temple [for obvious reasons.]
I think the second cake would be really awesome with Cambodian fruits [instead of peaches and pears,] such as: purple mangosteens, green and red rambutans, and slices of pineapple.

The Chinese cake, the ivory and burgendy cake with gold embellishments, the yellow cake with sunflowers, and the white cake with multicolored flowers are my favorites. So, I suppose I have at least narrowed it down, but I can't say I'm close to making a decision. The PRICE will certainly aid in making my decision because my budget is pretty small; however, I'm still looking for a cake-maker.

Does anyone have an affordable cake-maker recommendation?
Does anyone have an awesome mango cake recipe?


Deven said...

Love the colorful cakes! That's something that has changed big time since I got married 10 years ago.

What are you doing for premarital counseling? Are you able to talk to someone who has a cross-cultural marriage?

Jewel said...

I didn't see many white cakes on the newer wedding sites. Interesting!

We are going to do premarital counseling with Jim Lo. Of course he is Chinese and his wife is American, and although he was raised in our culture, he is very familiar with the Cambodian/Asian culture. We also did some with a Filipino couple while we were still in Cambodia, and some with a Filipino/Cambodian couple. :) There's much to learn... :)