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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mrs. Romdenh

After a crazy, stressful week of working, decorating, shopping, picking up groomsmen at the airport, etc., our wedding finally came and it was beautiful!  Of course not everything went right and I had to let go of getting some things done, but overall... I wouldn't have changed a thing!  There were a few special people missing... wishing our family and "family" in Cambodia could have attended or been more represented.. but we had it videotaped especially for them.

I'm still waiting on pictures from our photographer (who did a WONDERFUL job!!! Seriously the best...) but here are some "behind the scenes" pictures from before the wedding.
LOVE the broach bouquet that my sweet friend Michele made; I didn't see it until a few hours before the wedding.
Loved every moment of pre-wedding Wedding Day spent with my girls!
Packing for our honeymoon.. at the church.. right before the wedding.   Procrastinate much??

After I finished packing for the honeymoon, I made our wedding slide show.  This all took place only hours before the wedding!

Many many thanks to Andrea for numerous things, including doing my make-up.

How many people does it take to dress a bride?

How many people does it take to dress a baby?

Green Bridesmaids' dresses... Bronze MOB dress

Love love love,

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hishandinmine said...

What a sweet day!