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Monday, November 14, 2011

5 years blogging!

Between a wedding and honeymoon, working 3 jobs, being a new wife, and moving into our new apartment, I have had LITTLE-TO-NO time to blog in the past few weeks and I am so disappointed about that.  I have been blogging regularly for just over FIVE years now and to think about all that I have written about on here.. all that has happened in these FIVE years... WOW!  To be honest: I blog for myself, but it definitely makes me feel proud and loved to know that others enjoy reading my blog (even if it's only occasionally!)

So much has happened in only the last week of my life.  God has been so real and faithful to me this week, reminding me that He is Sovereign (Isaiah 45:9) that He has complete authority - and I trust that He will continue to provide and to guide.

Last Sunday morning, I found my gas tank empty. I was so frustrated having to stop and get gas on the way home from church, and angry at myself for accidentally filling the tank (I got distracted *flirting with my husband.*)  On Monday afternoon, gas went up 22 cents!  I laughed at myself for being so frustrated and I thanked God for the blessing of an opportunity to fill my tank before the price jumped.

Last Friday, my favorite Uncle Tom passed away suddenly.  A few days later I was working at Cracker Barrel -- having an almost-miserable time encountering difficulties that slowed down my ability to finish my side-work before I could clock out and go home -- and a co-worker told me that my Aunt Regina (Uncle Tom's wife) and Aunt Janie were there and asking for me.  I was then grateful that I was STILL at work and able to spend some precious moments with them before the craziness of the viewing and funeral.

My twin sis Jessie also received a blessing in her own frustrations.  On Friday, she was trying to buy airline tickets and kept getting error messages that her credit card was being denied.  On Saturday, she was able to buy her tickets for $200 cheaper than Friday's price!

Today I am thankful for reminders of God's faithfulness and sovereignty, and I hope that I am blessed by reading this blog in five more years!
Love love love,


Tonja said...

Jewel, things have been hectic for me and I haven't gotten around to properly congratulating you on your marriage. I can hear the happiness in your voice as I read your past few posts. I'm looking forward to seeing more pics too.

Bless you dear for working as hard as you do, plus taking on the role of a wife. But, you will remember these days with fondness down the road and say they were the best times ever!

God be with you both as you establish your lives together!

Jessie said...

$200 is definitely worth praising God for!