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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Reflections on time spent not blogging:

Gracious me, it has been a LOOONG TIME since I have blogged.  Almost three weeks ago, I started my last entry with a similar line. Between working 3 jobs, being a new wife, moving into our new apartment (which doesn't have internet,) my sister's surprise visit for Thanksgiving, and etc., I have had LITTLE-TO-NO time to blog in the past few weeks and I am so disappointed about that.  Much has happened.

After waiting more than a month for the previous renters to move out of the apartment that Titus and I signed a contract for, we signed another contract for a different apartment and told our previous landlord-to-be that we were no longer interested in his still-not-empty apartment.  God has been so gracious my husband and I, and we have been B.L.E.S.S.E.D by the generosity of others as we have been given a couch, lamps, end tables, a microwave, a microwave cart, mirrors, knives, etc!  We are still eating our meals either picnic-style on the floor or sitting on the couch beside an end-table.  I'm anxious to have a dinner table where I can display my wedding bouquet 

and have my morning devotions with a cup of strong, black coffee.

In other news:
I am still LOVING my job at the daycare and I think often about the kids on the weekends.  (I still cherish my weekends and some time off, but I do miss my babies!)  I had a conversation with two co-workers on Friday about *having favorites.*  I will be the first to admit that I have favorites; I love 3 or 4 of my babies much more than the others.  One co-worker was quick to say "we shouldn't have favorites" (blah blah blah,) but I really believe it's okay to have favorites IF the other babies aren't treated poorly because they aren't your favorite.

Cracker Barrel is still ROUGH and I have wanted to quit numerous times (especially when I was scheduled to work ON Thanksgiving Day!) but God keeps reminding me that right now Cracker Barrel (both in the prep area and in the dining room) is my mission field.  In fact, I might be the only missionary there... and it's a very dark place to work.  I am growing and learning and certainly being challenged -- all a part of preparation for Cambodia -- and I definitely COVET your prayers that God will be seen in me there.  A few weeks ago, I started writing "God bless you!" on the back of my guests' receipts; but after a guest left a salvation pamphlet under my tip this week, I have been seriously evaluating how I can be a light to my guests, and especially my co-workers.

I could write so much more, but I just heard the dryer finish and I desperately want to finish ironing my clothes so Titus and I can return home and I can eat my leftover Oriental Chicken Salad from our hot date at Applebees last night. :)  I hope I will have an opportunity to write again this week!  Thank you to my loyal readers who remain after I have starved you of blogging for so long. :)

Love love love,


Jessica Spicer said...

I understand how you feel about Cracker Barrel. It was a big trial for me when I worked there, too. But you've got a great attitude about it! Prayer your way, Jewel!

hishandinmine said...

Love you, Jewel! So eager to see your apt!! <3

Deven said...

I think it's fine to have favorites as long as my sweetie-baby is included in that short list. :)

Actually, I've always had favorites. There are just some personalities that mesh better, but as long as everyone gets equal treatment, I think it's ok.