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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Change is the title of this chapter of my life. Since April 30, I have had to learn what it's like to NOT being a student after being a student for 16 years. Soon-after, I transitioned into the workforce full-time.  Since first entering the post-graduation work-force, I have held four different jobs.  Almost two months ago, I became a wife.  A few weeks after becoming a wife, Titus and I moved from my parents house to our own apartment on the other side of town.  Finally, we just recently began attending a new small group on Wednesday nights.  All of these have been GOOD changes... "for-the-better" changes... but none have been easy.

I'm looking at another change; a change that is going to change a lot of things; a for-the-better, but hard change.

On December 27th, 2011, I was hired by Indiana Wesleyan University as Schedule Specialist in Graduate Organizational Leadership.  It means [much] higher pay, 13 days paid-vacation, health insurance, a wellness program that pays me to walk, and numerous other benefits, including... free tuition for my hubby!!!  Praise the Lord!  We (and others) have been praying for this!  While I admit that I would rather be with those one, two, and three-year-olds that have stolen my heart, my attitude is changing [and it's taken lots of prayer and humility] because I really do trust that this opportunity is God's Best and God's Will for us right now.

I feel nervous... excited... humbled... and honored to be chosen for this position!

Love love love,

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thepearsons said...

This is wonderful!!! Praising God for all he is doing in your life. Merry Christmas Jewel & Titus!!!