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Friday, January 13, 2012

2012's first Friday's Fave Five

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1. Family Game Night ♥♥♥
Although the time was short, it was wonderful having twin sis home for the weekend.  She just returned home - engaged! - from the Philippines and returned to New York 2.5 days later. On Saturday night, we went to sis & bro-in-law's house for dinner and games (after crazy fun and goodnight kisses with the baby girls.)  We played Quelf - random & unpredictable! "As you move around the game board, as one of eight quirky characters, crazy things start to happen. Your friends start talking strangely. Your mom's face is wrapped in toilet paper. Your dad is acting like Dracula. And you are reciting a poem about your armpits."

2. Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides ♥♥♥
The Pirates of the Caribbean movie series has been one of my favorites since the first movie in 2003, and I finally saw the last movie on Saturday and LOVED it - my favorite Pirates movie yet!

3. USCIS ♥♥♥
Tuesday morning, Dad, hubby, and I drove to Indianapolis to the US Immigration office for Titus to have his fingerprints taken.  The first step towards Titus' Work Visa and Green Card (and eventual citizenship) was the initial application, and the second: finger printing!  So I am very grateful for this morning's appointment and very grateful/proud of Dad's patience and willingness to drive us.

4. 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp ♥♥♥
My sweet husband bought me this book for Christmas and it is changing my life - at least my mentality.  It's like a love song.  I'm reading it slow and anticipating reading it again.  Thanks to the wise and beautiful Suzanne Howell for recommending this book.  I'm recommending it to others!

5. Journey to Adoption ♥♥♥
My friends Bridgette and Trey are in Uganda right now awaiting court (at 3am this morning.)  They began their adoption journey 1 year ago, and it has accumulated to this: bringing home Baby Solomon. [Lord willing...]  Please pray for Bridgette, Trey, big brother-to-be Trenner, Baby Solomon, and their judge, and lawyers.

Until next Friday...

Blessed and Grateful,


Susanne said...

Spending time with family is always a favorite with me. I've never heard of that game. Will have to look it up. Congrats to her sister on her engagement.

I really enjoyed the last Pirates too. The first is still my favorite and then I didn't like the next two at all. The fourth was going back to the format of the first and was fun to watch.

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

The explanation of your game made me laugh. I just pictured all the crazy things that went on and couldn't help myself. I imagine you all had a lot of laughs too.

Wahoo on the fingerprinting. I hope the journey to citizenship is a quick one without hassles.

I will say a prayer for Solomon and his adoption. What a cool thing your friends are doing.

Congrats to your sister1!!

Willow said...

Wow, lots of amazing faves this week.
Hurray for the fingerprinting getting done!
Hurray for the engagement--best wishes to your twin sis!
Hurray for Baby Solomon!