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Thursday, February 07, 2013


A newsletter from Cambodia is in the works, but this is not it.

We have been home now two weeks and life in America has already moved us onward.  It's a good thing... but hard to accept!  When an experience - such as a mission trip (even if it's your 12th trip!) - changes you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, it's... simply put: HARD to transition back to "life as normal."

So while I am still trying to piece together my stories, reflections, and emotions from our recent three week trip to Cambodia, here's a few pieces of what has happened since:

Tuesday evening, following a fun-beautiful-moving concert of the Ugandan Thunder Children's Choir, Titus and I hosted these two fun-beautiful-moving girls from Uganda - Teopista and Amina. Though our time together was short, it was special! Lots of laughter and even prayers!

The Ugandan Thunder African Children’s Choir is touring the United States to raise money money for and awareness of orphans in Uganda. The choir is composed of 22 singers, dancers, and drummers ages 10-14. They are students from the Royal School and Orphanage in Mityana, Uganda. Donations are collected during the choir concerts as love offerings, and the money covers fuel expenses and buys posho (the staple food in Uganda) for 14 orphanages throughout Uganda. If you would like to learn more about this incredible ministry visit: (I'm hoping my church will decide to donate our VBS offering to Pennies for Posho in Summer 2013!) Here's my unsolicited plug: child sponsorship through Pennies for Posho is only $9/month! $9! (The organization has chosen not to buy TV time, saving them lots of dollars!

On Tuesday morning, my beautiful friend Jenny died in a car accident on her way to a job interview. I couldn't believe the news! Shocked. Incredibly shocked. Jenny was always happy, always smiling (such a beautiful smile!) and always laughing (such a memorable laugh!) WHY!?!? is DEATH our best reminder that... life is fragile. Life is precious. Life is short. Friends are special. Memories to be cherished.

Tuesday morning on K-Love radio, hours before I heard this news, I heard "Slip On By" for the first time and I HATE that it's so true in this moment.

We're only here for a little while,
And God give us only so much precious time.
So don't let it slip on..
Don't let it slip on..
Don't let it slip on by!

Friends, hold your loved-ones close! You never know... I don't think I would want to know!

On January 6th, while sweet husband and I were in Cambodia, my older sister had a beautiful baby BOY!
Don't these pictures of baby Spencer with Uncle Titus give you BABY FEVER?!? (OK, probably just me.) He looks so good holding a baby, doesn't he?!

More to come... life is always happening around here!
Love, Love, Love,

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thepearsons said...

yes he is a natural!!! sorry to hear about your friend, life is just too precious and too short! glad you are adjusting back to normal. praying for you guys along the way!! jess