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Monday, December 16, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 15-25

30 Days of Thankfulness
Day 15: Free Flu Shot & Health
Today, I am thankful for a free flu shot on Wednesday and for NOT getting the flu! It was my first flu shot and I've heard too many people say something like, "Whenever I got a flu shot, I got the flu" or "I only got the flu when I got a flu shot." Titus got a flu shot a few weeks ago and didn't get the flu either, thank you God!

Day 16: Relaxing, Productive Saturdays with Pdai!
Today I am thankful for relaxing and productive Saturdays at home with pdai! Lots of nesting, homework, and writing baby shower thank you's.

Day 17: Safety in the Storm
Survived the storm.. sustained no damage.. celebrating with fried noodles. Thank you, Jesus! (Picture taken at our church.)
Day 18: A Surprise Paid Day-Off!
Today I am thankful for a surprise paid day-off, in a warm home with electricity, for all that was accomplished, and for the time spent with my husband!

Day 19: My Parents
Today I am thankful for parents who have been there whenever I have needed them... and still are! Parents who are willing to inconvenience themselves so I can borrow a car.
Day 20: TIME with my husband!
I am thankful for extra time spent with my husband this week!  My office hasn't had power for four days and I have been working only part-time in a makeshift office and part-time at home!
Day 21: Baby Movements
Today, I am thankful for baby movements! I am a blessed woman!  To feel a baby move inside of you... it's a wonderfully indescribable feeling.

Day 22: Healer...Teacher...Father
I've been wishing since early October that something annoying would stop happening. Earlier this week, I started praying about it.. and it's been gone for two days. Today, I am thankful that it's gone. I am thankful that Father God is HEALER and a gentle TEACHER. I am thankful for every moment that He opens my eyes to His goodness! Today, I am feeling overwhelmingly blessed!

Day 23: TIME with my husband!
Today, I am thankful for another day just me and Pdai!  We had such a good weekend just spending time together! Only *10* more weeks and our lives will never be the same!
Day 24: Brookhaven Family
Today, I am thankful for a church family that truly inspires me every time we are together! Thankful that it seems so natural to rejoice together and to mourn together. I was blessed to witness their love and service today! Thankful for those who have welcomed my husband into the Family. Thankful for those who have and are investing in us. Thankful for those who lead by example. Thankful for new church family and for those who have been around for years!

Day 25: Grandmom's Nativity Set
Today, I'm thankful for a possession and what it represents: Grandmom's nativity set. It not only represents the true meaning of Christmas, but for me it represents her passion for it! It represents a family heritage. As a little girl, she let me set up all the figurines; she made it a "special job." Wish I could at it up at her house just one more Christmas, but... feeling truly blessed to have at mine. Love you, Grandmom! Thankful for her faithfulness, her example, her teaching (with and without words), and for lasting memories.



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