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Thursday, November 14, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 6-14

30 Days of Thankfulness
Day 6: A Warm Home
Today, I am thankful for a warm home to abide in.  When I was a sophomore and junior in college, I participated in weekly early morning prayer walks on campus. One bitterly cold January morning, I was overwhelmed with compassion for the homeless - for those who have no warm shelter in which to take refuge. On cold winter days, I often remember that moment and I am grateful for my home, for its warmth, for the blessing that I have never had to worry about where I will sleep and how I will stay warm and safe.

Day 7: Full Kitchen Cupboards
Today, like yesterday, I am increasingly thankful for how the Lord provides and has always provided.  I do not take for granted that I have food to eat.  Thank you, Father God, for providing for your humble children.

Day 8: Healthy Cravings & the Lord provides!
I neglected to have my regular glass if orange juice this morning, but when I got to work there was a bag of tangerines waiting for me to devour! The Lord provides!! Pregnant girl's best friend! Simple pleasures. Thankful for a pregnancy void of much morning sickness and for healthy cravings!  
Day 9: Sleep
I am thankful for a few more weeks of good sleep! I instinctively woke up at 6:00am this morning, remembered today is Saturday, and rolled over and slept until 10:00am! Probably won't be ANY mornings like that after Baby Girl arrives.

Day 10: Memories with my Cambodian family
Today, we are feeling sad that we could not attend our brother Chamrang's wedding in Cambodia, but I am feeling very thankful for the memories that we have already shared together.  I cherish the memories that we have already made together - family meals, watching the nephews play, going to the market for groceries, and family vacation at the beach - and I look forward to the many memories to be made together in the future! 
Day 11: Safety
Today, I'm thankful for a safe (albeit LONG) trip home from a meeting in Indianapolis. I got stuck behind either an accident or a breakdown and either way, I'm just thankful that the Lord was watching over me. God is so good to me! Creator, Sustainer, Protector, and Provider!
Day 12: Baby Girl Gifts

Today, I am thankful for all the ways that friends and family are already blessing us and Baby Girl with baby clothes and baby wipes and baby wash and baby elephant toys and so much more!

Day 13: Schooling
Today, I am thankful for the wisdom, strength, and determination that the Lord has given my husband to go back to school. Titus got a 98.8% in his first class and is in week two of his second class. REALLY proud of him!! Also, very thankful to the Lord for blessing us with Titus' FREE TUITION!

Day 14: The Lord's Promises
This morning, I woke up very heavy-hearted - burdened by the thought of Thanksgiving without Grandmom and burdened by all the devastation in the Philippines. Today, I am thankful for the Lord's promises.
*I will never leave you nor forsake you! (Deuteronomy 31:6)
*I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart... (John 14:27)
*I am with you always! (Matthew 28:29)


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