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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catching up...

Happy Random Dozen Wednesday! Normally I love participating in Linda at Second Cup of Coffee's Random Dozen Wednesday, but considering I have only blogged ONCE in two weeks (shame shame shame!), instead of answering her twelve random questions, I'm going to tell you twelve random things that I have been doing (or that have happened) in the past 10ish days.

1. Journals
I have sold 80 journals since February 4. Eighty. It's been very busy, a little bit of fun, and a lot of money! Every dollar is going towards my fund for my trips to Mozambique and to Cambodia, and I already have one month's living expenses paid for!! I never never never anticipated that I Would sell so many! In fact, I have had to return to the store four times for more supplies! Thank you to everyone!

2. Prayer Walk
Every Wednesday morning at 6:30 I meet with almost 30 other students and we pray across campus. When it's frigidly cold outside, we tend to either stay in the student center and pray over different areas, or we might walk to another building and do the same there. It lasts about 45 minutes to an hour and it's really an awesome time! Sophomore year I don't think I missed it more than twice [I was disciplined!]
This morning I got up, but I was just feeling frustrated with the little things, i.e. couldn't get my contacts to sit comfortably, so I decided to stay in the room and do devotions. One hour of devotions. It was so so so good. I wish I had the discipline to do it every day!

3. Snow
I'm tired of snow. I feel like we have had snow every day since Christmas, and that might actually be very close to accurate. Indiana is so windy too! Sometimes that three-minute walk across campus is absolutely treacherous!
How do I really feel about the snow?

4. Spring Break '10!
Next Friday afternoon we're leaving for Galveston, Texas! Mom, Dad, twin sis, and roommate/suitemate Bethany. After the 19.5 hour-drive, it should be a good time! We have only vacationed outside of Florida three times (Myrtle Beach, Mackinaw Island, Brown County), so I'm excited! [Do I have any followers from the Galveston area?? I want warm weather predictions!!]

5. Lent
Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the Lent season. Lent in the Christian tradition is a 40-day time of withdrawal that is representative of the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert before His public ministry, where he endured Satan's temptations. It's a withdrawal from things that are sinful, detrimental, pleasing... something! This year I chose coffee. I'm afraid it will be self-destructive, but I want to discipline myself to rely on God for strength and not coffee.

6. Shrek puppies
Shrek is my main mutt in Cambodia. I am a far cry from being an animal lover; however, I have found one exception - this loveable k9! Shrek lives with my friends Vandy and Tess on the campus of the Bible college, and Vandy found 2 girlfriends for Shrek - both are pregnant now! I can't wait to meet them and pick one out to name and keep! [Keep as in "ask someone to raise him/her while I'm gone for the next year" and then I'll return to a well-trained dog!]

7. Scrapbooking Night
About once a month some ladies get together at the church and we laugh and scrapbook for hours. We have even been known to stay until about 3:00 in the morning! This coming Friday is our night! I won't be scrapbooking however, but making journals! I wonder how late I'll make it without coffee..

8. Learning about myself
I have learned more about myself in the past two years than I have in the previous 18 years combined. I thought by age twenty-one that I would already know who I am and what I want.. nope, I don't! I did have a big realization this week though -- I have the gift of compassion, but not the gift of discernment. I have three different friends going through some pretty rough stuff right now and I just do not know what to say! I feel like I'm sensitive to others, but I'm not quick to recognize/acknowledge their needs. Hmm...

9. Lost
ABC's Lost is my show, but I've been so busy that I haven't seen a single episode this season! One day... one day I'll be caught up! SO anxious!

10. Exercise
I'm so intentional... but every night I go to bed disappointed with myself! Sad.

11. I live an exciting life
Why can't I think of 12 exciting things?

12. Caramel Apple Sucker
I had a caramel apple sucker this afternoon. It took me back to my childhood! Yesterday in my 4:15 class, my friend Kearsten brought a bag of chips and we talked about how that hour always feels like the perfect "after school snack hour." We talked about what our favorite after school snacks were when we were younger. Elementary... those were good days!


2Thinks said...

I thought by age 46 I would know who I am and what I want, nope. Didn't happen.

You are so amazing! All the neat things you do, but especially your heart for God at your young age- astounds me.

You are such a blessing.

Loren said...