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Friday, February 19, 2010

To the Beach or BUST!

I don't want to make anyone envious, but in 1 week I'll be on the beach! Oh.. my.. lands.. I feel like I have never wanted to be on the sand and water so desperately! We still have piles and piles of snow here in Central Indiana and another six inches is expected on Sunday. At this point, if it's only 60 or 65 degrees in Galveston, Texas, my thought is: At least it's more than 15 or 20 degrees!

I can't wait to lay by the pool with a book! (Even if it's a text book!)
I can't wait to put my toes in the sand!
I can't wait to collect pretty shells!
I can't wait to hear the seagulls!
I can't wait to walk outside in a tshirt! (Hopefully that's not over anticipated!)
I can't wait to SLEEP in the van for 19.5 hours!


Tonja said...

Well, you are a lucky girl! I will start to pray for a warming least warm enough to lay by the pool! Hope you have a wonderful time!

Andrea said...

I am headed to the beach, too. It will cold on the beach I am going too, but it will still refresh my soul. It is just great to get away, sometimes.
Hope you have a wonderful time.
Hugs, andrea

2Thinks said...

Hey, have fun! If things work out, Fash and I will join I.T. in Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico, for a few days in April! I hope it works out- I want that sand between my toes, too.

I'm sending my cousin's daughter to check out your blog. She just started blogging and is lookin' for readers. Her blog is Talkative City. Watch for her to show up in your comments or Followers grid.