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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Twenty-Five Weeks

Baby Baby Girl is at 25.5 weeks developed now and is clearly evident outside my skin - there's no hiding her now!  Strangers have began to notice and many feel comfortable starting a conversation about my belly!  I've had to do a 2nd "weeding-out" of clothes that don't fit are not long enough to cover my entire belly!

Slowly, baby things have begun appearing around our small apartment - little reminders that our lives are going to change (and already have in some ways)!!  I often catch myself dreaming about our first few weeks together... wishing that maternity leave could last forever!!

*feels very good most days!! Some back pains, but no real complaints!  I have really been blessed with a very easy pregnancy!  (Praying the third trimester, delivery, and early stages of motherhood are as easy!)
*feels like I cannot drink another ounce of water!  I have a 59oz. jug that I try to finish twice each day.
*is OVERWHELMED!  There is still so much to be done and Baby is due to arrive in less than 15 weeks! :O
*wants to have another ultrasound!!  I'm starting to doubt that Baby Girl is a baby girl and not a baby boy!  (Is this normal??)
*is hot pretty much all the time.
*finally gained weight before the last doctor's appointment!
*finally finished Baby's registry (Target and Wal-Mart) - a huge accomplishment in my book!
*has been enjoying using a fetal doppler to hear Baby's heartbeat at home!
*sees Baby moving more than feels Baby moving.  Neither happens regularly and its always very special when it does!
*has more goals and dreams than energy!

Baby Girl:
*is approximately 13.5 inches long and weights about 1.5 pounds
*has hair!  (I wonder if it's a head full of dark hair...)
*is already very well-loved and admired by many!

*is very careful to monitor momma's activities and feedings, ensuring the best for Baby.
*does not want to talk about baby names.
*will be an awesome stay-at-home dad when momma goes back to work!

Loving Baby,

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