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Thursday, October 30, 2008

That's a God thing!

Last night I was feeling depressed, discouraged, and pretty upset.  I've been in a deep rut, and last night was pretty low.  Then I got an e-mail at 2:48AM from Umfundisi Jim Lo, IWU's Dean of the Chapel, and a man of my highest respect.  His e-mail said this:: "I could not sleep...felt burdened to pray for you and thus, know that you are being lifted to HIS throne this early are greatly appreciated...."  How could I not be impressed by that?  God is good.

I'm reminded of this from a blog I wrote 21 October::
He is a universe-maker and a heart-former, but He is a God who is intimately acquainted with all the circumstances; and He promises you, whatever comes in this life time, however difficult the road, however dark the night, He will hold on to you, and literally hold you together and carry you through any and every circumstance that ever comes your way at any moment on this planet! That is the promise of God!


Joni said...

Yes, God is very good. I love you! I hope you are feeling better!

jade-a-roo! said...

How awesome is that letter from Dr. Lo? So awesome! God is on point all the time huh?! Love you!