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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Culture shock...

I'm have been home since yesterday evening and re-adjusting to life here. I was very sad to leave my friends in Mozambique, but it's good to be at home again. I was very happy to see my parents and I'm anxious to see my sister and brother-in-law and nieces tonight. I'm even more anxious to see Jessie (twin sis) when we pick her up from the airport on Friday evening.

I'm still debriefing all of Mozambique, but I'll tell you this: It certainly was a more difficult trip and there were many challenges, including loneliness, feelings of inadequacy, burying little 9-month-old Joaquim, and the robbery/break-in. It was definitely a stretching time, and a good learning experience. Even during my trip home, the devil still had an agenda.

I fought delay after delay after delay, and missed my final connecting flight home. Somehow, I lost a shoe. Yes, somewhere between Mozambique and South Africa, I lost my right sandal. I was walking through the Johannesburg airport and realized I only had one sandal. That doesn't just happen.

I was very sad to leave the friends that I had made, but I am happy to be home. I am definitely full of mixed emotions and really trying to process them quickly before I leave for Puerto Rico next Tuesday.

I have culture shock. I almost swallowed my gum when the Arby's cashier in the Atlanta airport said my meal cost $8.51. When I saw traffic flowing on the right side of the highway (instead of the left,) I thought they're going to crash. There is plentiful hot water, and the electricity hasn't sputtered yet. Everyone is so clean. It's 10:49am now and it's nearing what would be my bed time in Mozambique.

The view from of the Indian Ocean from my veranda

Pictures and stories to come...

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Missy said...

It sounds like you had a life changing experience over there. Can't wait to see more photos. I hope you adjust with ease.