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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life otherwise...

Life has continued to be eventful since I returned from Mozambique on Monday evening. I spent most of Tuesday with my older sister Joni, brother-in-law Jeff, Baby Face, and Baby Face's younger sister Mallory Jo that was born only a few days before I left for seven weeks.

It was good to see them again, especially Leah and Mallory. I also went with Joni [above] to take Mallory to meet Grandmom for the first time. After dinner Joni, Jeff, Leah, and I went swimming. At 23-months-old, Leah was fearless! She went right to the steps and started walking in! We are going to have to get that baby some sufficient floaties, because she wants FREEDOM in the water. Then we had banana cream pie for dessert and they were gone.

In other news, my friend Nahun's parents are visiting the States for a World Gospel Mission conference at my university. The missions organization WGM is celebrating 100 years of evangelism, and they have come as honored guests and pastors from Honduras. They are living on campus, but I have been hosting them during their time here.
Nahun told them his friend Joya [me] lived in Indiana and that I might be attending the conference since I am so involved in missions, but he didn't remember that I actually attend IWU and live only ten minutes away. So his parents weren't actually expecting me to walk up to them and greet them, "Pastor Fredy Zelya and Sonia Garcia!? I can't believe I'm meeting you here!" I should mention that Nahun and I actually met on Facebook, and we only know each other via Facebook and Skype, but we have been good friends for two years.

I have really enjoyed spending time with Papa Fredy and Mama Sonia. Since we met Thursday evening we have shared a meal at the local mexican restaraunt La Charreada, and at Taco Bell, and we have been to Wal-Mart three times. First, because when you're in Marion, the first thing to see is the Wal-Mart Superstore. The next two times we went for flipflops and candies and souvenirs for the grandkids. I am excited for them to visit my church tomorrow night!
I will be sad when they leave and I hope next time they visit, they bring their son - my friend - Nahun.


Andrea said...

Beautiful family. I am blessed to have come by here, this morning.

Anonymous said...

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