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Friday, July 09, 2010

Vacationing at home: Priceless

After seven weeks of living on the Indian Ocean, and ten days of living on the Caribbean Sea, I am finally at home and feeling like I'm on vacation! I have never been more glad to be home than I am today, even if it is only for two days. [Sunday afternoon I leave for one week at Junior Bible Camp.]

The Caribbean Sea

The Indian Ocean

Somehow I have to finish blogging about my Mozambican experience, then tell you all about Puerto Rico, and meanwhile tonight we're celebrating my niece's 2nd birthday, then I leave for a week of camp. ¡Ay caramba! Here goes...

Puerto Rico was nice, and the youth were really great. I was one of eight sponsors and there were eighteen teens. We lived at Campamento del Caribe - a Christian camp in Juana Diaz, thirty feet from the shore of the Caribbean Ocean - and worked in the barrio Singapur. Barrios are the ghettos of Latin America.

We worked with missionaries John and Kerry Cox, who have a house church and strong ministry in the barrio. In the mornings and afternoons our team of 26 worked alongside John, preparing for VBS and doing hands-on work projects, such as building these concrete dam to prevent flooding at Carla's house. Other work included: weeding, planting flowers, wiring electricity, digging a sewage line, and more.

In the picture below I am riding on the back ledge of the van, holding onto a wheelbarrow as we drove down the streets through the barrio. I knew this idea was a little ghetto because even the Puerto Ricans were laughing at me. I saw a horse tied to a rope, and being pulled behind a moped - yet apparently this seems strange.

One evening we had youth group, another evening we walked through the barrio and invited children to VBS, and the second week we had VBS. I'll write about this tomorrow. :)

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