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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pieces of my heart all over the world...

I am amazed and feeling incredibly blessed as I sit and think about all the places I have been and all the people that I have met as I have traveled and participated in missions trips in Mexico, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Cambodia [twice], Mozambique and South Africa, and Puerto Rico. There are pieces of my heart all over the world.

Today, six years later, I have vivid memories of the two little twin boys Adrian and Jorge in Ensenada, Mexico. I am still in contact with friends that I made at La Escuela el Sembrador in Olancho, Honduras, five years ago.
In 2006 I went to the Dominican Republic and I will never forget Papucho [above], Tata, Jose, and other children in Pancho Mateo where I taught, played, and loved my heart out. The following year I went to Ecuador and the relationships I made there with Pastor Geovanni Saltos and his family still affect me today. The next two summers I went to Cambodia and my life has never been the same. I left my heart in Cambodia; it is my home. Earlier this summer I went to Mozambique and South Africa, and had the time of my life with Mario, Abrao, Calisto and the other students at the Bible college in Xai Xai.

And it all started here, with him:

My granddad and my hero, Rev. Harvey Ellsworth Ache

Granddad was a missionary and a world-traveler. His passion for missions is still alive in me, as I live in his love for people and for preaching God's Word. I like to think that if he were still living [he died when I was in kindergarten,] that we would go on trips together - to Africa, to India, and to Cambodia.

In Puerto Rico I met three sisters - Stefani (21), Carla (16), and Paola (12). Over a period of only ten days, Carla and I became close friends. Initially I was unsure how to relate to Carla, whose son Jamuel will be two-years-old only three days after her seventh birthday, but one thing brought us together - shopping. As we were looking at purses, shoes, and dresses, Carla and I realized that despite many differences, we're both two girls who are trying to find our own identities. Maybe I have things a little more figured out than she does, and maybe I haven't made the same mistakes that she has, but I'm still working towards christlikeness.

Carla, Stefanie, and I - our last evening together

I'm going to pray everyday for these three sisters, especially the youngest, Paola, who is in desperate need of guidance, consistency, and a father figure. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to meet the Torres sisters.

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