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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two Years Old!

Little Baby Face is not so little anymore. Two years old!! I can't believe it. After returning from Puerto Rico on Thursday evening, I went with Jessie (twin sis) and my parents to Jeff and Joni's (bro-in-law & sis) to celebrate Leah's second birthday.

Leah is FULL of personality. She loves Gramps and Grams, and she loves every food imaginable (beets are one of her favorites.) She loves to swim and she is fearless. She is a ham behind the camera, and she is actually a ham even when there isn't a camera. She loves attention and she easily gets it with all her little quirks. She isn't talking much yet, but her speech therapist said she has the intelligence of a three-year-old.

Here are Leah's [unedited] two year pictures:

While we at Jeff and Joni's house, I also got in some nice snuggle time with neice #2, Mallory Jo, who is nine-weeks-old today.

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