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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Caribbean Sea: Holy and Beautiful

Well it's been officially two weeks since I've been home from Puerto Rico, and a month since I have been home from Mozambique. I'm readjusting to life in Indiana and certainly enjoying foods other than rice and beans (I do love rice and beans, but not everyday for two months.) I can tell you what I miss most, but I can't tell you who I miss most. I miss the people. Second to the people I miss the way of life. Third or fourth or fifth to that, I miss the beach.

Here are some pictures taken at Campamento del Caribe, where we lived in Puerto Rico:

Do you have a favorite tree? Mine is the palm tree. :)

This view was only 30 feet from my back door! I found that umbrella bench to be a beautiful and holy place as I met with God there during morning devotions. I remembered His Word as I heard the waves crashing onto the shore as I slept at night.

The coast here looked dirtier because of the brown volcanic sand,
however it was the Caribbean Sea I was living on!

Here are some pictures taken at the pristine Coffin Island (Isla de Caja de Muerto), where we took a vacation day:

Approaching Coffin Island by a 1-hour boat ride

Look at that white sand and blue water! It was dreamy.

It was snorkeling around those rocks where I saw schools of beautiful colored fish, found a huge conch shell, and was stung by a sea urchin.

Our group of 26 spent between 4 & 5 hours in the water. The water was perfect and it was a beautiful day!

Wherever I go and whichever beach I am standing on, I cannot help but gaze across the expansive waters and think, "Therefore God exists." The feeling of the warm sun, the cool breeze, and the soft sand between my toes is a feeling of peace and serenity that only a supreme God could give. No one else could create those colors! It was my first experience snorkeling and I was absolutely amazed to see so much life below the surface of the water.

Papa God, thank You for revealing Yourself in creation!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Beth :) I live on campamento del caribe! I was searching online for a picture of the camp for a post I was writing on my blog and I found your blog! It's a small world after all :)

I see you were at camp last summer. Were you here with a world changers group or with your church group? Hope you don't mind me using one of your pictures, I linked back to your blog for credit :)

Have an amazing day!