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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dear prayer warriors,

Grandmom is more sick today. The hospital called our house at 5am saying that she was miserable in pain and couldn't breath. Mom and Dad went immediately without waking Jessie and I. They returned home at 10am to wake up and say that they are moving Grandmom by ambulance to a larger hospital in Indianapolis, 90 minutes away. She will be there with a specialist (an endocrinologist) in critical care, and will put be on renal dialysis. She is stable now, but we (Grandmom, myself, and family) do not want her to be living by machine.
The future is unknown but Mom is canceling all her commitments and will be staying there with her indefinitely.

Jessie and I have made the hard decision to stay home this afternoon and host the Reed family reunion that is scheduled at our house in 3.5 short hours. Mom won't be here, Dad likely won't either, but it will happen! How does one make a decision to be one place or another? I'm already regretting it, and then I talk myself into staying home and enjoying company and being distracted. Please pray that this is the right decision... actually, I don't even know how to pray right now...

Except I know this: I am praying that Grandmom will be pain free. I am praying that we will have a special time together before she leaves. I am praying for strength for Mom, Jessie, myself, and the rest of our family. I am praying for clarity for the doctors. I am praying for peace for Grandmom. I am thanking Jesus for her life, her testimony, and her love. I am praising Jesus for loving her, and for being loved by her until death.

Me, Grandmom, and Jessie on Easter 2010

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers.

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