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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grandmom is sick

I wish I could be sick so that Grandmom could be well. I wish it was me in the hospital bed so that it could be healthy at home.

Grandmom meeting Baby Mallory

Monday night after my church softball game, twin sis (Jessie) and I went to Grandmom's to take her Bufferin for some extreme pain that she had been tolerating for two full days. Grandmom has a medical history that forced her to leave the mission field in Africa years ago, and since then her body has had a low tolerance for many things including: oranges, and medicines like Aspirin and Tylenol.

Sunday night she jokingly told Mom, "Take me out and shoot me,"; Mom told her she doesn't believe in Obama-Care and that wasn't going to happen. :) But Monday evening she could tolerate the pain no more, and she asked for something strong to ease the pain. After two Bufferin and two hours, the pain in her legs had become excruciating and she was unable to move. That night Mom was working as House Manager at the hospital, so I called her and then I called an ambulance.

Grandmom, myself, and Jessie on our 21st birthday

I am not strong enough to see my grandmom in pain, and the experience of seeing an ambulance come and take her on a stretcher was traumatic. She was admitted to Marion General on Tuesday morning at 4am with symptoms of urosepsis or possible kidney infection. The pain has subsided (in comparison to the previous 48 hours,) but now she is nauseated and the antiemetics won't get her comfortable.

The doctor's are still making observations and anticipate that she will remain on the Med-Surg floor for another 2 or 3 days, before moving to physical therapy for up to two weeks. Pray for a clear diagnosis and plan of care that Grandmom responds to. She is frail and tired of this. I appreciate it very much. She is resting in Jesus' care; she belongs to Him.

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