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Monday, July 12, 2010

Mozambique Mondays: I miss my babies!

From now on, until I run out of pictures and stories, every blogging Monday will be Mozambique Monday. I still have so many things to share, but life [unbeknownst to me] is continuing on ahead and I don't want to neglect the things of present, so I'm going to limit my Mozambican blogs to Mondays. Here is the first of at least a few more. :)

I miss Japhete and his kisses. I miss eating with him on my lap. I miss how he told everyone, "It's Joya! It's Joya!"

I miss Irashmo's laughter, tight hugs, and squeaky voice. I miss carrying him on my hip; I miss consoling him when he cried. I miss kissing his cheeks.

I miss my little helper Jonah and his beautiful eyes.

I miss beautiful Maria and how she sang so sweet. I miss how she cuddled me when she was sick, and how she always ran off to tell the other children when I arrived.

I miss Simeon's hand in mind, and the way he fit perfectly in my arms while he slept. I miss having tea at his house, and wiping his nose with his shirt.

I miss Markito, the cutest baby in Mozambique. I miss how he always smelled so sweet, and I miss chasing him as he waddled away.

I miss Tatenda and her sweet countenance. I miss her beautiful little sister who never cried.

I miss Gabriele and his always smiling face. I miss cuddling with him and carrying him on my back. I miss how he would always look deep into my eyes.

I miss Timoteo and his chubbiness. I miss him running up to me in the mornings, hands reaching up. I miss how he attempted to repeat everything I said to him.

I miss João and his scratchy voice. I miss how his eyes lit up when I arrived, and how he gave the best morning hugs. I miss his laughter and how he always asked to carry my bag.

I miss Calamesa and her politeness. I miss her innocence and her sweet smile. I miss seeing the joy on her face when I swung her in my arms.

I miss beautiful Elena and her sweet voice. I miss her chubbiness. I miss watching her head bob as she fell asleep.

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Anonymous said...

Such sweet pictures.