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Sunday, July 18, 2010

14 girls - 7 years - 1 great experience!

As a counselor, this was my best camp in seven years. I don't know what to attribute that to except 14 awesome girls that weren't homesick, weren't very whiney, got along fantastically, usually remembered their medication, didn't wet the bed, never lost their shirts, kept their rooms at least semi-clean, generally took showers without much prompting, and usually showed up when and where they were supposed to.
Chloe, Amara, Alayna, Kaci, Jessica, Emma, and Emma
Olivia, Zoie, and Allie
Elaina, Shea, Maddie, and Areonna

Here is a little more about our week:
The Splash House is a small local water park with three slides, a lazy river, a kiddy area, and a new wave pool. Every year JBC goes to the Splash House for "day away". We arrived at 10a and the first three hours were cloudy and a little chilly, which is awesome to prevent sunburns (which this counselor doesn't like!), but the afternoon was warm, sunny, and beautiful!

This year it was a little difficult to motivate our girls to want to go to chapel services, but always had fun once it started. The music was awesome, and the speaker was very engaging. Two of my girls were brought by the speaker (Miss Lori) as her assistants, so the girls always paid close attention to Emma and Jessica!

It is was pretty difficult to wake them up get them out of bed in the mornings. HA! Lights out is supposed to be at 10:00, which means none of the girls are actually asleep until after 10:15 - two hours later than some are used to going to bed at home!

Everyday was new and fun! Including: their self-initiated talent show:

Cooking s'mores:

Movie night: (Where we all put on our pjs and take our pillows and blankets to the tabernacle)

Camp food:

and hanging out:

I don't know where I will be next July (Indiana, Cambodia, or fundraising) but if I am available, I certainly plan on making next year my 8th year as a counselor at Junior Bible Camp!

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