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Monday, July 26, 2010

The future is now...

Here's a couple facts on Mozambique::
* Life expectancy is 40 years
* 7th worst infant mortality rate – 1 in 10 children die before the age of 1
* 1 in 5 children are malnourished
* 1.4 million orphans – .5 million due to losing parents from HIV/AIDS
* 14% of population have HIV
* Only 43% of the population have access to clean water
* The literacy rate is only 40%
* Only 50% of children finish primary school
* Only 7% of students go on to secondary school

Children are our most valuable natural resource.
– Herbert Hoover

I'm praying these babies grow healthy and strong!
I'm praying they know Jesus' love at an early age!
I'm praying they bring their country from darkness to Light!

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Arahbella said...

This is amazing! I actually have had the amazing opportunity to go to Mozambique last year along with this year. I began to write my journal on my blog but it was to precious to put into words. I think I would not be able to give it the honor it deserves. Africa, specifically Mozambique, has a special place in my heart.