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Friday, June 11, 2010

Love from around the world

My two best friends are right now are something like seven and nine time zones away.

My sister, Jessie, is doing awesome things in the Philippines. She is living in the church and working with a local pastor, doing youth and children's ministry, preaching, visiting squatter's villages, etc. Similar to me, she led a team for three weeks and is now there alone for a five-week internship. This is her second visit to the Philippines and she is having the time of her life! You can read her blog HERE.

My friend, Loren, who went with me to Cambodia last summer and is also an ICD (International Community Development) major, is spending the majority of her summer in Los Angeles, California. Loren is also doing an internship and she spends her days tutoring, planning for the summer camp, doing administrative work, helping out with the after-school program, and with the staff. You can read her blog HERE.

Please keep Jessie and Loren in your prayers! That they would be safe, that they would be strong and encouraged, that God would use them, and that God would teach them!
I also have other friends working, ministering, or studying in Haiti, China, India, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Malawi, Cambodia, and all around the world! [Mostly because most of my friends are from within the Intercultural Studies or ICD programs.]

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