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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Beginning of the End

The end has finally begun.  I have both anxiously anticipated and dreaded what will happen in the next two weeks.  Sometime after 10am on Saturday, April 30, I will be walking across a platform in a ghastly black robe to receive a simple piece of a paper - a diploma.  That piece paper represents many things. It represents things learned, papers written, research presented, and hours and hours of work.  It represents tears of frustration and stress, and the joy of finally realizing what I want to do with my life and what God is calling me to do/be. That paper means that four years of disciplined study has come to an end and I am graduating. Yesterday, I attended my last chapel.  I attended my last class. Looking at the weather, I may have spent my last afternoon reading in the hammock outside.

Graduating - it's both a happy and a sad circumstance.  [That's normal right?]  I am excited to be finally finished with school and classes and coursework, and excited about the prepared and empowered feeling that I have to [with God's grace] fulfill my purpose and follow His will.  However, I am so so so sad to say goodbyes to friends and professors, and to the place that has become home for four years.



Hanging out

Christmas parties

Rebash parties

Ice skating

Energy drinks




Ugly Dress Parties

Missions trips

 Girls' weekends

Spring break

Going to the park

Haunted corn mazes and hayrides

Celebrating birthdays

Game nights


How do I cope?
Love love love, Jewel

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Loren said...

ima miss you.