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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer Bucket List

For a number of reasons, this summer will be new and different.  As of April 30th, I will be a college graduate.  For the first summer in eight years, I will not be traveling overseas and thus far I have no plans of traveling farther than about sixty miles.  I am engaged and in addition to a wedding, future planning now includes balancing [hopefully] two work schedules, making a budget, and saving money for food, water, and electricity.

For maybe eight or ten days of my life, I have lived at home as an only child.  I have a twin sister so I am not accustomed to ever being alone; HOWEVER, this summer Jessie will be spending seven weeks in the Philippines, and only only three weeks after returning home, she will move to New York to start grad school.  Being the only child [by "child" I mean "person other than Mom and Dad"] at home will be an interesting experience... I don't know if that will aid in successfully completing the following points on my bucket list, or if it will become more difficult.

  1. Spend much time with family and friends - especially my nieces and the women at church who offer so much wisdom and encouragement - before I make the big move to Cambodia.
  2. Exercise at least twice a week - I was really disciplined in this area last summer - even going to the gym at 6:30am before work at 9 - and I intend on continuing the discipline.
  3. Run a 5k race for a good cause
  4. Volunteer regularly - Where? I don't know yet.
  5. Grow a vegetable garden - I envision equipping Cambodian pastors and others to use gardens as a sustainable means of income generation and I must start by training myself, and I'm so excited! Any advice or instruction??
  6. Learn something new every week - How to grow a garden, how to emboss my wedding invitations, how to cook khmer food...
  7. Start a walking/exercising club - If my work schedule would permit it, I would love to join other women from my church to walk together in the morning(s).
  8. Join a Bible study - This semester, I have been leading two Bibles studies, but school will soon be over and I am really going to miss studying the Word with my sisters in Christ.
  9. Read at least one book each week - In the last four years I have accumulated 1-2 shelves of books that I have never read! Pleasure reading is like food for the soul. Laying out by the pool with a good book? Yes, please!!
  10. Lose weight - I bought the perfect wedding dress three days ago and I won't mind paying for alterations IF it means the dress is too big in a few months.
  11. Spend a significant amount of time writing - "Writing a book" is on my bucket list, not pleasure in being published, just have the pride and satisfaction of leaving a legacy in written form 
  12. To be continued...

Since I won't be returning to school in the Fall, I'm not sure how to define "summer."  I have an on-campus office job through August, and I am applying at a daycare that I hope will employ through the summer and keep me during the next school year.  TENTATIVE plans are to return to Cambodia with my husband in June 2012 and attend a six-month discipleship training school to prepare us for long-term ministry with YWAM.  Trusting God... we'll see!

Love love love, Jewel

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