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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I said "Yes!" to the dress!!

At 1:00 on Saturday, twin sis Jessie and I met Loren at McConn coffee shop, then we got in a borrowed mini van (THANK YOU Henrys!! It was so wonderful to be able to ride together and only buy gas for 1 van instead of 2 cars!!!)  We picked up Janna and Jessa, then my mom, then drove an hour to sister Joni's house in the Indy-area.

Unfortunately, my fifth bridesmaid, Stephanie, was unable to join us this weekend, and I missed her very much.  Loren is graduating with me in 3 weeks and moving to LA.  Jessie is going to the Philippines for 7 weeks, and will only be home a short time before moving to NY - so I was lucky to get 4/5 together before those girls go separate ways.

We looked around at two dress stores before my appointment at David's Bridal.  I had fully prepared myself to allow Jessie, Joni, Janna, Loren, and Stephanie to choose any dress they like in the same color and material; HOWEVER, and I am blessed with wonderful bridesmaids that all liked the same dress! Actually, the dress we chose was everyone's second favorite, but they knew it was my favorite and insisted that it's my wedding and my choice.  I'm totally not used to this!!

Jessie, Joni, myself, and Jessa
Loren, Mom, and Janna
The girls convinced me to look at bridal gowns since we were already there and the store would be open a while longer.  We made an appointment for 40 minutes later, and walked across the parking lot to Panera Bread, where we ate dinner outside (beautiful day!) and chatted.

After dinner, we walked back and I picked out 4 or 5 dresses.  The first dress that I tried on was my dream dress from the David's magazine; however, I didn't feel so dreamy wearing it.  It was one size too large and it looked better on the model than on me. I wanted to give up. I was sure that it would take hours and I was already a little tired, but I agreed to try on another. I liked the second dress better, but didn't love it. I liked the third dress better, but it still wasn't right. We agreed that it was too big, so Jessie went to find it in a smaller size. She brought back a similar dress in a smaller size and it was aboslutely, wonderfully perfect (and she takes pride in picking it out.)

I knew it was the dress that I simply must wear to walk down the aisle and meet my groom. I can't wait for him to see me wearing it (but not a day before the wedding!)  When I decided that it was the perfect dress, I had not yet looked at the price tag. When the attendant was putting my information into the computer and writing the bill, I still had neglected to look at the price tag.  Realizing this, I started holding my breath. After plane tickets and visa expenses, my wedding budget is small.  Praise the Lord, the dress was more than 50% reduced AND well below my budget!!! I feel like I bride now... I'm just missing the groom!

Afterwards, we walked across the parking lot again to Coldstone Creamery and celebrated with ice cream. It was an incredible day.  I am grateful for the time spent with Mom, my sisters, my bridesmaids, and my friends.  Love them!  Thank you Jesus for overwhelming me with blessings and your loving-goodness!

Love love love,
Mrs. Romdenh Chamnol to be


sara said...

God is so good!!!! I can feel you glowing through your words!! :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Hi Joy! You look BEAUTIFUL!!!