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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blogging from New York...

Thursday morning Jessie, Mom, Dad, and I left home and drove to Rochester, New York.  It should have only taken 8.5 hours but it took almost 10 after road construction and passing a bad accident.  Praise the Lord we had a safe and uneventful trip!  I rode with Dad the entire way and stayed awake every mile. Mom, Jessie, and I came to Rochester for Spring Break and I slept every mile. Every time I closed my eyes to sleep, Dad opened his mouth (or the GPS fell off the dash!) but I suppose that was okay.

My sister has chosen to attend grad school here in Rochester (actually, that's why we are here, and why we came during Spring Break.)  We spent all of today moving her things into and arranging her apartment.  She's living in a house with 4 other girls from her grad school, so I'm excited for her about that.  Although I'm not pleased with her for leaving me...

Titus and I have friends that live in Rochester, and I was looking forward to seeing them while we are here; however, they left for Cambodia only a few hours before we left for Rochester. Sad. :(  I'm looking forward to seeing them (Phalkun & Janell) in a few weeks when we come again to visit Jessie.  I think she would like to officially meet Titus before the wedding. ;)

We went to dinner tonight with one of Jessie's new housemates and her parents.  Margie seems really nice; if I were Jessie, I would really be excited to live with/get to know her!  After dinner, we went to the mall and I got a 50%-off bathing suit for my honeymoon (I guess that means I finally made the decision to go to the beach for our honeymoon!)

Tomorrow our plans are to stock Jessie's kitchen, finish arranging Jessie's room, maybe visit Lake Ontario, return to the mall, look for bridesmaids' shoes, and have our last family game night.  I really am very excited for Jessie to start a new journey, but I will be very very sad to leave her in New York. :(  Next time Jessie is home, it will be for my wedding and things will be different (a good different, but a hard different.)

On a side note, THANK YOU to those who have been praying for my grandmom. She had her eye removed last Thursday, and was admitted to the hospital a few days later with complications. She had acute renal failure, but has miraculously recovered (she's done that three times now!)  It was so so so hard to leave her in the hospital and come to New York, and my heart has been blessed by messages from church friends/family that have visited her while we have been away. When Mom, Dad, and I return to Indiana on Sunday evening, we are hoping to bring Grandmom home with us!

Love love love, Jewel

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